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Transitioning From Summer To Fall Fashion Tips

Written By: Tyra Mills

As we all enjoyed our time off from our jobs and classes for Labor Day, I’m sure a lot of us didn’t even realize we took our first step towards fall weather. Though Valdosta weather is very moody and bipolar, you don’t want to be the one caught in shorts and flip flops in the middle of that cold, night time air. September is what I like to call the “transition” month, as we’re transitioning into colder weather. Here are some items you do not want to be caught without as we head toward cooler weather.


Cardigans and sweaters are essential “staple” items we all need in our closets. Both can be worn in all types of weather. I’ve even been guilty of wearing sweaters in the summer for those wet, rainy days. Cardigans and sweaters can both be layered, worn casually or for nightlife, and can pretty much go with any outfit. Seeing how Valdosta never is completely freezing outside, even in winter, these items are sure to keep you from wearing big, bulgy trench coats and heavy jackets.


Ladies, you definitely should invest in tights and knee high socks this fall. As I stated before, Valdosta weather never really gets too cold, so I believe we can still wear our shorts year round. However, I do suggest wearing tights or thigh-high socks with shorts just to give your legs some kind of barrier and warmth when it gets nippy outside.


As for the guys, I especially think beanies should are your best friend around this time of year. There’s no need to wear baseball caps and “snapbacks” in the winter, as they do nothing for your ears and the lower part of your head and neck. By wearing beanies, especially if you find a slouch beanie, it can keep your head, ears and the back of your neck warm. Plus, it will give you an “artsy, skater” look that will definitely score you some glances from the ladies!


Of course for both genders we want to make sure we have jeans without rips and tears in them, a few long sleeve shirts and some closed toed shoes or boots. The worse thing that can happen to a young adult in college is catching the flu without the aid of your mother around, so dress smart and be stylish! Don’t let the cold catch you; instead, catch it by transitioning and slowly turning your summer apparel into fall greatness!

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