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Pop Addict: Stars Pay Respects at Rivers’ funeral

Written By: Stella Henderson

We all know Joan Rivers is the old lady that makes rude comments about other celebrities, but she was a pioneer for women in comedy. Rivers passed away last week, while in a coma, which she fell into while undergoing a normal throat procedure. Rivers’ funeral was star studded and full of laughter, just as she would have wanted. Audra McDonald was one of the many stars to pay their respect to the late comedian, and she did so by singing “Smile” during the ceremony. Joan Rivers died at the age of 81.

           Jonathan Koppenhaver, better known as War Machine, a mixed martial arts fighter was charged with attempted murder and sexual assault against his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack. Mack, an adult film star, was sitting at her home with a friend, when Koppenhaver broke into her house unannounced. Koppenhaver saw that Mack was with another man and proceeded to attack them both. Mack and Koppenhaver then were not together for several months. Koppenhaver will be held without bail and Mack has many surgical procedures lined up for her facial and oral injuries.

            On a lighter note, who is ready for the iPhone 6? Apple announced on Tuesday what the phone looks like and what it features. But consumers will the to make a choice, the iPhone 6 or the 6 plus? The 6 screen is 4.7 inches long while the 6 plus is 5.5 inches long. That’s a big phone! Other than the phones being longer, they are also thinner, have a better display and are more powerful. New features include slo-mo and timelapse on video settings and you can now save all your debit or credit cards on the phone. Apple calls it a wallet without the wallet. You can get the iPhone 6 starting at $199.

            We all eat Chick-fil-a on campus, but did you know the founder Truett Cathy passed away? Cathy is known for being the creator of the chicken sandwich. He pioneered the idea of sampling and restaurants in malls. His empire makes more money annually than any other chicken-based chain, while being closed once a week. Over 4,000 people showed up to his funeral. Cathy died at the age of 93.

            Are you a legend? If not you should pick up “Destiny”, the new game from Bungie, creators of “Halo”. Destiny is a first person shooter, but is in a category of its own. Instead of being a mass multi-player game, it is considered a shared world shooter. Players are constantly playing online but it doesn’t mean you’ll be playing with a lot of people at the same time. Chances are another player will just run past you while battling a bounty. “Destiny” is visually stunning and the most successful game launch ever that Activision has produced. IGN currently has no review for the game, but is working on a multi-day review for it because the game is too massive to try to play and review in a day. Let’s be honest here though, who doesn’t want to play a game about saving our galaxy from evil darkness. For someone new to the first person shooter world, “Destiny” is easy to understand, smooth running and most rewarding game I’ve played. Personally I give “Destiny” 9 out of 10.

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