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Sigma Nu signs stir controversy

Written By: Jordan Barela

Students holding inappropriate signs at Saturday’s VSU football game caused an uproar that led to the arrest of a student and the suspension of a VSU fraternity by its National Headquarters.

The incident began during the first half of the game between VSU and Delta State at Bazemore-Hyder Stadium. Members of the Sigma Nu fraternity were seen holding signs that game attendees deemed inappropriate.

The signs stated “Tits out for Blazers” and “Fudge her in the Puddin” which appeared to offend some fans at the game. The second sign alludes to an offensive, viral phrase. University quarterback Jameis Winston was suspended from FSU’s football game after reportedly standing up on a table in Florida State’s Student Union, and yelling the phrase.

Andrea Ramirez, a women and gender studies professor, who attended the game, was one of the many fans that saw the signs.

According to Ramirez, one of the students was also shouting obscenities at women in the stands.

Ramirez said she first attempted to confront the students with the signs, but then later decided to alert VSU Police.

“The problem for me, being one who teaches women and gender studies and being a woman, was that this was being done without a second thought,” Ramirez said.  

After VSU Police were contacted, the students would put down their signs when officers approached, according to Ramirez. Eventually, the police escorted the members of the fraternity out of the stadium.

One of the fraternity brothers was arrested for allegedly not cooperating with the police. Luke Alves, 23, was charged with disorderly conduct for using fighting words, obscene language and harassing, according to the police report.

No other fraternity members were arrested.

The posters were gone before halftime.

Several members of the Sigma Nu fraternity were contacted by The Spectator and said that they could not comment on the situation.

President of Simga Nu, Sam Guess said that the fraternity was not prepared to comment at this time, in an email.

According to Scott Doner, director of UPD, officers are instructed on how to deal with misbehaving fans at athletic events.

“It depends on the level of their actions. It may start off with a verbal warning or it may be an immediate arrest,” Doner said.

Discipline in the incident could come from both VSU and the National Headquarters of Sigma Nu.


“We will look at violation of the student code of conduct and that will be handled as both an individual and an organization, if they are found to be in violation”, Russell Mast, dean of students, told WCTV.

Ramirez says she hopes for a positive outcome from this situation.

“I’m hoping that this is more of a learning tool for all of us at Valdosta State and in the community and in the nation for that matter,” Ramirez said. “Making fun of women and sexual activity against their consent is not okay.”



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