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Our point of view…Millennial bashing unfair, unwarranted

Millennials. Next in line to grab hold of that figurative brass ring. The generation with so many expectations pushed upon us that we feel as if we might spontaneously combust.

Millennials. We are the generation who grew up on “Rugrats,” wind breakers and Kid Cuisines. Why is it that we get such a bad rap?

In the eyes of those older than us, millennials are the equivalent of old school AOL broadband Internet– move when we want to, take forever to get working, and we are essentially useless today.

We are described by those older than us as entitled, lazy, overgrown children who won’t leave the house.

However, people waste so much time talking about what we don’t get right, that they fail to acknowledge the things we do get right.

According to pewsocialtrends, a site that studies behaviors and attitudes of Americans, millennials are the “digital natives” – the generation first born into the new digital age. We are at the forefront of technology advancements. New technological inventions, apps, and medical research are being discovered by our generation.

We are the most diverse generation, socially. More than 43 percent of millennial adults are non-white in America, the highest of any generation.

Millennials are also inundated with the higher economic demands—student loans being at the forefront.

While some arguments about our possible incompetence can be raised, that doesn’t give those above us the right to bash us. We are making strides in a positive direction.

There are so many influential millennials from Mark Zuckerberg to David Karp, and Taylor Swift to LeBron James. There are an enormous number of people our age who have already done great things despite what year they were born into.

The older generations seems to have forgotten that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

As a society we must all accept one another’s strengths and weaknesses, whether it be that a younger person hasn’t grasped how to file taxes or that an older person doesn’t know how to work email.

The next time a baby boomer yells at us to get off our phone, they should question what we’re really doing. We just might be texting our millennial colleagues about the next invention that could change life in 21st century America for generations to come.

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  1. Those of us who are older have certainly not forgotten that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. That is why we find ourselves concerned. Perhaps you are texting about the next great invention. However, the much higher likelihood is that you are texting about the newest viral video, what you did last night, or you’re trolling some type of social media. Human interaction is what is lost. That interaction is where leadership begins. It is okay to put down the phone. Additionally, why do you care if someone tells you that? Why do you feel the need to defend? You know that some of the things they say are true and it bothers you when you are put on “blast”. Don’t tell people they are wrong about you. Prove that they are wrong. I know you Millennials can do it.
    All the best,
    VSU Alum

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