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Editorial: Pay attention to faculty senate issues

Most college students consider themselves to have a very set political stand point, but what about when it comes to the politics that go on within our campus?

Does reading that this story will be about university politics, make you want to snatch this paper up and do some research on what’s going on?

As a whole, do students even know what is going on with university politics?

How about the recent anonymous document allegedly sent by numerous VSU professors to Faculty Senate members which led to an emergency meeting by the senate’s executive committee?

The document says that it was prepared by 15 professors representing VSU calling for a vote of no confidence in VSU President William McKinney and Provost Hudson Rogers.

We, as a student body, should be interested in knowing why these professors have no confidence in our president and how this may affect us?

We should be interested in something that can dictate our futures as far as our education as well as our careers.

If students were more involved in university politics, we could have more of a say in what happens on our campus.

We know that every student on this campus has had some kind of complaint at some point in time. If students had more interest in the people making the decisions for our university, then we would be taken more seriously when we wanted things changed and needed improvements to better benefit us.

These four (or more) years of college are some of the most important years of our lives, and we should be making sure that we have a university that has our best interest at heart.

As students at VSU, we have forgotten that we are the leaders of tomorrow and we need to be as ready for the real world as possible.

We should put our foot in the door of the highest offices on campus and take a step inside so that the VSU administration and faculty know that we are listening and we are interested in every move they make.

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