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Editorial: VSU should provide answers to questions

The Faculty Senate is contemplating a no-confidence vote on our president. The chief of staff recently resigned after allegedly demonstrating drunken behavior on campus. Long-time VSU employees are being replaced at an alarming rate out of nowhere. It basically seems as though our administration is in a state of confusion. Yet, we’ve gotten little explanation as to why these things are happening.

The faculty at VSU say they are frustrated because they feel like they’re closed off from the administration. Can they imagine how we as students must feel?

Even at the national level there is too much secrecy, as the Hillary Clinton scandal demonstrated. What was she saying in her personal email that she didn’t want to be monitored in her official email account? What is going on in VSU’s administration that they feel the need to hide from us? What is it that they are afraid of coming to light?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time there’s been a cry for more transparency from VSU’s administration.

The editors at The Spectator believe that if President McKinney claims that open forum is the “spirit of transparency and collaboration that has been the hallmark of my administrative career, for it is the essence of who we are as academics,” then he needs to stick to his word and give us explanations.

With all this controversy occurring at VSU, as students, it is hard to feel confident in the leadership. As of now, it seems as though McKinney’s words regarding transparency are just for show. But this isn’t a show nor a game— this affects students’ lives. We are all here to better ourselves and we need to feel confident that the administration over us has our best interest at heart. In order to do that, we must first have trust in the administration. Someone in a position of power should answer all the questions that are on the minds of students.


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