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‘The Golden Ticket’ campaign candidates win SGA

Written by Jamel Shorter, Staff Writer

The SGA elections have come to a close, and it was a highly anticipated race, with the candidates having strong viewpoints for the advancement of SGA and VSU.

Current SGA President Tyler Barker announced the winners of the election on Monday in the Student Union.

The winners of the election were candidates from “The Golden Ticket” campaign, which included David Burdette for president, Colleen Kavanaugh for vice president, Jarius Leavy for secretary. Seqouia Kirby won the position of comptroller.

Burdette has many clear ideas for the future of the school.

“I’m focused on innovating ideas that will target students that are present, the students that plan to attend this prestigious university, and alumni as well,” Burdette said. “While innovating I am coming up with a plan to elevate pride, tradition, and unity that has already been instilled…so that we can operate to increase the retention rate to ultimately graduate.”

David Burdette spoke on behalf of his team, Kavanaugh and Leavy, when talking about the effects of leadership.

“Leadership means you know how to follow, but you are ready to take off the training wheels and control your destiny as others see you try,” Burdette said. “While you are on that path, you must listen to the guidance behind you and in front of you in order to reach the finish line.”

Burdette, Kavanaugh, Leavy and Kirby will lead the student body for a full year. Tyler Barker will remain SGA president until the end of the spring semester.

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