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Going green for annual Earth Day celebration

Written by: LaMarcus Wilkerson, Staff Writer

Not many students used innovative ways to strap gum from the bottom of their shoe this Earth Day. Companies are finding innovative ways to give Earth Day the publicity supporters of the holiday desire to maintain a sense of moral responsibility to the environment instead.

These ads cast an ecofriendly web of green activism amongst our community.

Earth Day supporters want respect to be shown for their environment, and earning this respect for Earth can only be achieved through learning about the environment.

Amazon offers an interactive, ecofriendly book for free to educate kids about the natural environment.

This Earth Day, you can rely on Google Doodle for the answer to something you’ve wondered curiously about: Which animal resembles your personality? On Google’s homepage, there’s an Earth Day quiz that uses scientific data to accurately answer that question.

Take a brief moment to answer these questions and poof your answer emerges from the depths of cyberspace.

Earth Day is a day where people get stuff for free. Companies strategize appropriately to the fact and what to capitalize their revenue on holidays, and Earth Day is no different.

For those who enjoy the luxury of celebrating, or those inspiring too, go to Drexel Park for the Earth Day Festival on April 25.

In the midst of Earth Day, promotions are tips for those all about going green.

According to research by The Union of Concerned Scientists, buses are ecofriendly to the environment.

Some buses today are fully equipped with features such as wi-fi, power outlets and the latest fuel –efficient technology.

It’s the greenest way to travel when you exclude walking and riding bikes.

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