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EDITORIAL: Is our VSU degree worth the money?

Is our degree at VSU worth it now?

We have had this question rumbling through our mind for a while now. This question first arose after the flag controversy. VSU was front and center of the media spotlight.

The bulb shining bright on that controversy eventually burned out, only to be replaced with a fresh bulb. This time, the drop in enrollment was center stage. With this drop in enrollment, 31 faculty and staff members have been laid off. Faculty and staff that have planted their roots in this southern college town; faculty and staff that have achieved scholastic accolade, grants for research, and even the biggest award—respect from the students.

Will all of these “stigmas” follow our degree when we walk across that stage?

With everything happening at VSU, will our degree be stigmatized so bad that when we’re being interviewed for CNN or The New York Times (we can dream), will the interviewer look at our education, snarl and not hire me?


Given everything that has happened, VSU is still a quality place to earn an education. All of these issues may be at the forefront, but will surely not follow us across that stage.

But how are students supposed to believe this with a university on the verge?

Simple, the Blazer spirit needs to be reignited. Students need to know that they are valued here at VSU.

Administration is on the right track. They are claiming that students are at the core of their revamped approach to the future of VSU.

We, as an editorial staff and as students, want to see the results. We want to see that we are being taken into consideration. We want to see us, as students, at the forefront.

Ignite the fire that was burning bright with Blazer pride; and with that, we ran out of fire and Blazer analogies to write about.


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