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My nipples aren’t for you

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/SPECTATOR

Written by LaShawn Oglesby, College Life Editor

So, you know that being sexually attracted to feet or chubby and larger people are fetishes. Well, guess what? If you like boobs, join the club, because being sexually attracted to breasts is also a fetish.

Breast fetishism (also known as mastofact, breast partialism, or mazophilia) is different from the first two fetishes mentioned for the simple fact that it puts unnecessary stresses on females and aids in inequality.

Females don’t have to cover up their freshly manicured feet, because someone may find it distracting or arousing. Nor do my plus-sized ladies and I have to wear long cloaks or robes to hide our bodies from chubby chasers.

So why do women have to hide their nip nips from the public?

No one bats an eye if a guy goes running with no shirt on, but let a female do the same thing, and all of a sudden we have indecency.

It’s time to call bull on this shit.

That’s exactly what some women have done with the “Free the Nipple” campaign. These activists have come together to fight against the censorship of female nipples. A movie has been made, not without a few problems from law enforcement, called “Free the Nipple”.

Many celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have become supporters of this movement too. Though it was removed from Instagram, Cyrus posted a topless photo.

Breasts are secondary sexual characteristics first off. You know what is also in that category? Facial hair. Yet people do not have to cover it up or shave when they are out in public.

Women are being locked up and fined for exposing their nipples. This happens in states where it is legal to be topless like New York and Georgia. A woman named Jessica Krigsman was arrested after sitting on a bench topless in New York back in 2013 according to New York Daily News.

It has been legal to be topless in New York since 1992.

According to Krigsman, a man was sitting on a nearby bench dressed in the same fashion and ignored during the ordeal, even after Krigsman pointed him out to the officers.

This censorship is found throughout social media as well. Though some sites have made positive strides—like Facebook allowing photos of breastfeeding mothers—any other type of nipple exposure, on the body of someone with a vagina, is not allowed. Because, you know, we don’t want anyone being exposed to indecency on the internet. It’s better to scroll through the beheadings of humans on Facebook and the beautiful, busty blondes on pornhub.

What two consenting adults do in private is their business, but nipples aren’t there for sexual partners. They are biologically for babies to be fed, which is a necessity. Nips popping out to give people a show (strip clubs, billboards, movies, etc.) is okay, but don’t you dare expose them to feed a hungry baby.

So somehow if my breasts aren’t being used for sexual pleasure, I’m indecent? That’s what society is telling all women when mothers must feed their infant in the same place that people crap and pee. Other than former Mean Girl protagonist, Cady Heron, who do you know who dines in the bathroom? So why are we forcing babies to?

These difficulties in breastfeeding can also aid in postpartum depression. Mothers who go through this need support, and nothing says support louder than forcing them to cover up and isolate themselves, thus inducing feelings of shame when caring for their child.

It used to be indecent for a man to show his nipples back in the mid-1930s. Men fought against that law and, well, you can clearly see how that worked out. Many women want those same results, or in other words, equality.

Women can’t control the way any person views them, and they shouldn’t have to just like men don’t have to. Men and women should be held to the same expectations and freedoms.

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