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Editorial: VSU works to accommodate students of all gender orientations

Celebrity advocates Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox are shining light on an invisible population of transgender people, and now so is VSU?

The additions of gender neutral bathrooms throughout the campus show a sign of progression for the university.

Since 2011, VSU has offered a program called “Safe Space” that provides a more appreciative and nurturing environment for LGBT people by establishing an identifiable network of people who can provide support, information, and act as allies to LGBT individuals within the campus community.

It is impossible to know the number of individuals who identify as transgender on VSU campus, just as it is hard to tell who identifies as Republican, Democratic, or Independent. But that does not mean that there shouldn’t be a place for those students to feel welcome and safe.

These designations show that VSU is open to having a diverse community of students.

Everyone is different, and there are going to be those that feel this is wrong; they are completely entitled to their opinions. But as a population of adults at a university, everyone is here to get an education and further their lives, so everyone should be able to be themselves and feel like they are being supported by their school.

As a university, we are allowed to have sporting events, religious affairs, and now gender neutral bathrooms so that we can express ourselves in any way that we choose.

We at The Spectator agree with the gender neutral restrooms on campus, and we hope to see more changes like this to encourage individuals to be who they are and not worry about what other people think. This goes for everyone in the VSU community, not just transgender people.

It has taken many years for different races, genders and classes to be seen as somewhat equal and we are still striving for equality in America today. Let’s not revert back to old ways, but continue to grow and develop as a society that treats everyone as equals.

At the Spectator, we hope to continue to see diversity among our students, faculty and staff at VSU and hope the university proceeds in making steps in the right direction.


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