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SGA seeks senator

Written by Jyrell Wynn, Correspondent

Stop wasting time wanting to make a change; do it!

SGA is seeking students to fill senate seats who are willing to put in the energy and effort to see changes on campus and address issues that students have. SGA is in dire need for students that care.

Silas David, freshman political science major, found out about the organization through someone when he and two of his friends were going to join SGA and hall council after starting college.

David knew it was important to get involved with organizations and develop connections with other students on campus.

With an interest in leadership, David is running for reelection for SGA’s senator position for. He plans on proposing legislation that makes things more clear in terms of the constitution, the by- laws, conduct, business practices, and the consequences of not following rules and regulations.

David wants to come up with different techniques that the school can adopt to improve student life and student’s perception of VSU. Focusing on meeting with students to see what ideas they can propose means your input matters.

Regardless of his role in the organization, David believes he can make a difference. David lets his accomplishments with SGA and Residence Hall Association speak for themselves.


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