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The remedy for a bad day

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/SPECTATOR

Written by Olivia Studdard, Staff Writer

There once was a painting my freshman year roommate made that said, “No matter how you feel…get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.” Being in my third year of this adventure called college, some days this admonition is easier said than done.

You know the kind of day I’m talking about. The “woke up late without time to shower, late to class, forgot your textbook, have to study through lunch and it’s only one p.m.” kind of day.

We all have them, especially being in college. Sometimes life is just overwhelming on these bad days, and you aren’t sure where to turn next.

(I would like to take this moment to say that these bad days I’m talking about are not the same thing as depression. These suggestions should not be taken as medical advice. Plus, I doubt any medical professional would prescribe Netflix.)

  1. Clean yourself up

Whether your “blahs” are temporary or something hanging over from the night before, often a hot shower and shaving can at least make you feel more put together. Even if you don’t have anywhere to be, put on real clothes and fix your hair.

  1. Hang out with friends

Often the worst thing you can do for a bad day is to be by yourself. Even if you feel like sitting in your dark bedroom and listening to Avril or The Cure, make plans to be with someone, even if that someone has to come to you and watch Netflix until the “Are you still watching?” window pops up.

  1. Get crafty, or “cleany”

Remember that art project you bought canvases for two months ago before life got away from you? Do it. Sometimes brightening the space around us can brighten us on the inside. Make your bed, or do some laundry. Dust the top of your fan that hasn’t been dusted in…ever really.

  1. Remember it won’t last forever

A day only contains 24 hours, and there are 365 of them that make up the year. This is just one of them. Things always look brighter in the morning. Hold on, because tomorrow is coming, and it has every possibility to be awesome.

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