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ZipCar give students option for driving

Photo Courtesy of ZipCar

Written by Terrance Johnson, Staff Writer

ZipCar is a revolutionary car rental service that appeals to young adults with its low age requirement, low prices and hourly rental capabilities.

Recently, ZipCar has been implemented on a few campuses across the United States. ZipCar allows students ages 21 years and older with ok driving history and a valid driver’s license to rent cars for however long they may need them.

The everyday struggle for many college students is not having transportation to get around. In the City of Valdosta, there are no forms of public transportation other than overpriced taxi cabs.

Many students find themselves depending on friends or walking great distances.

ZipCar would be an awesome idea for VSU. Students on campus would greatly benefit from being able to do anything from renting for a few hours to go shop at the mall or to take a weekend trip to the beach.

Although ZipCar would be a pricey spend for VSU, it would be well worth the happy students and better campus life; even for those who don’t have cars.

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  1. I’m from California, and most universities here have Zipcar and the driving age starts at 18 and not 21. Just wanted to make people aware.

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