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Review: Cinema is a hit in downtown Valdosta

Written by Kelsey Dickerson, College Life Editor

A decked-out staff greeted customers as they bought tickets and snacks at the Red Door Records and Cinema this weekend. The movie began to roll as the crowd chanted “Lips! Lips! Lips! Lips! Lips!” in anticipation of what was to come.

Red Door Records and Cinema screened the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Saturday night to the delight of a costumed audience, who were invited by Cinema owner Jessica Ganas to shout out lines and make use of props to interact with the musical.

What resulted was a roaring good time. Newspapers covered heads as rain came down on screen and select audience members doused others with “rain” (spray bottles filled with water provided by Ganas before the show). Later in the movie, people familiar with the musical got up to sing and do the “Time Warp” along with partygoers on screen.

“I’ve always really loved movies” said Ganas, who opened Red Door Records six years ago but only started screening movies after closing on Fridays and Saturdays just last year.

However, if “Rocky Horror”, which is screened regularly every few months, isn’t quite your speed, the Cinema seems to do something for everyone, screening different genres every Friday and Saturday night.

Red Door Records and Cinema is a great weekend stop for Valdosta State students. Movie tickets sell at a good price and the snacks are much better quality at a bargain compared to what you might get at the GTC Stadium 16 further uptown.

You can even browse a collection of vintage and modern records and CDs to take home before or after the show if you have a little extra time.

Ganas and her shop will move locations on the first of next month to a bigger store front in the old Grassroots Coffee shop on the corner of North Patterson St. and West Central Ave.

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