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Editor Experience: Getting in a good twerk-out

A group of twerk class attendees, including Spectator editors Julia Rodriguez and Kelsey Dickerson, before the doors opened with the dance club president Chelsea Warren, center holding a frame made for the event. (Photo Credit: Alyssa Wise/THE SPECTATOR)

Written by Kelsey Dickerson, College Life Editor

Putting in time on the elliptical or lifting some weights in the gym can be a great way to blow off steam at the end of a long week of studying, but a group of ladies got together last Friday to put on a class for a different kind of workout.

“We wanted to do something that everyone would come out to and in this day and age, twerking is fun, it’s something that everybody would want to do, so we said ‘you know what, let’s have a twerk night,’” said Tahirah Cornwall, VSU Dance Club’s vice president.

Admittedly, some people seem to understand how to move their bodies much better than others, but almost everyone enjoys letting their hair down and shaking out their frustrations every once in a while, so after a suggestion from The Spectator’s Managing Editor, I decided to attend.

The class was at 6 p.m. on a Friday in the Cyprus Room at the University Center. On our way inside a girl also attending the class greeted me and the friends I brought along with and excited “Ya’ll going to twerk!”

Before class, every participant received glow stick jewelry and a chance to take a picture inside a cute dance-themed frame the club had created for the event. When the doors finally opened one of the girls shouted that we were about to “get it right.”

The room was just big enough to comfortably fit the 50 plus girls who showed up to dance, and it seemed like everyone’s excitement levels spiked once we were allowed in.  Some participants were so eager that they started to dance before the class even started.

The class itself was more of an intense dance work out than the twerking tutorial I had expected, but it was such a great workout that I would gladly do again.

The glow in the dark theme added a little extra fun to the class and there were just enough people in attendance to allow for a certain level of anonymity that made everything more comfortable. Girls shouted encouragements to each other as we did across the floor routines. Everyone seemed to be have a good time, regardless of skill level.

“Dance club is an organization for all students, majors and nonmajors of the dance department, to come together and have an environment where you can dance,” Said junior Jourdan Evans, dance club Public Relations Chair. “We’re making a community where we do outreach through dance marathons and after school programs. It’s a community-wide dance organization.”

The Valdosta State Dance Club meets every Friday from 2 to 3:15 p.m. and covers a variety of dance styles.


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