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SGA makes changes

Written by Hunter Terrell, Opinions Editor

The Student Government Association finalized major changes to its constitution this week.

Senators concluded that the judicial branch played an “insignificant role” in SGA, so they decided to make it a two branch organization. The student judicial board still exists as a division of the Conduct office, but it is independent of SGA.

In result, there will now be four groups within SGA that focus on improving a certain part of student life: campus affairs, academic affairs, financial affairs and public relations.

“In order to make sure we are representing the students, SGA will not change its governing documents without your approval. That means you can vote to approve SGA’s new constitution by using the link sent in student email.” said President Maya Mapp.

Other details in the meeting, Sen. Adam Slaton introduced presenter Joy Ihedioha, who advocated being an added member to SGA.

“You don’t see a lot of collaboration among organizations on campus and the administration,” said Ihedioha. “I want to help create cohesion and mix things up.”

Sen. Dillon Roundtree then motioned to hold off voting until the following week, as the old constitution said is the correct policy.

After short updates and the introduction of a new SGA logo, president Dr. Richard Carvajal spoke to SGA.

“I will treat this organization as the voice of the students,” said Dr. Carvajal. He thanked SGA for what they do and promised he would return.

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