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Pure bred vs. hybrids show love for all dogs

Written by Alex Dunn, Asst. Features Editor

Future pet owners sometimes go out of their way and pay hundreds of dollars for a pure-bred dog, while perfectly suitable “mutts” are waiting in the kennel to be adopted.

People who want pure-bred dogs probably purchase them because they like the way that breed looks or like that breed’s personality traits. People may also purchase with the intention of competing in dog shows or breeding pure-bred dogs.

A pure-bred is acknowledged when a dog belongs to a registered breed and has papers proving the dog’s parents were of that breed, according to The Fun Times Guide. Then, once the dog has been registered with a kennel club, the owner gets a pedigree signifying that the dog is pure.

When the dog has parents that are not defined as pure-bred and are of different breeds, that dog is defined as a mixed breed or mutt. However, the name mutt is not a derogatory word, according to The Fun Times Guide. In fact, owners proudly refer to their dogs as mutts because they do not care about specific genetic traits but, instead, care about companionship with their dog.

Then, you have a hybrid breed, which is the area that can be the most confusing. Dogs are considered hybrids when both parents are of a different breed, but both parents are pure-bred, meaning both parents are registered with a kennel club and have papers confirming such.

Hybrid breeds are also considered designer breeds, because people can breed two pure-bred dogs and try and get two different sets of preferable genetics in one dog. For example, the Labradoodle has become quite popular in recent years.

However, some breeds, such as the Labradoodle, are sometimes considered a new breed rather than a mixed breed.

So, unless someone is buying a pure-bred with the purpose of breeding or competing, why should it matter if it is a mutt or designer breed? Many dogs are sitting in kennels waiting to be adopted. They’re just waiting for the right owner to stop by.

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