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Website provides an alternative way to seek academic help

Written by Cynthia Papailler, Staff Writer

With the semester coming to an end and finals right around the corner, students are beginning to find ways to finish their semesters off strong.

Although the Student Success Center offers free tutoring, sometimes the times conflict with class and work schedules or there’s not enough tutors to fulfill the needs of the students. This was a similar conflict that Miguel Kudry, founder of HelpHub, found himself in when he was a student back in 2012. But how could he overcome this dilemma?

“I started in 2013, a full-time student and none of the traditional tutoring services were working for me,” said Kudry. “That’s when I came up with the idea for HelpHub and started recruiting people to help create this platform.”

In 2013, Kudry decided to create a service that would help connect students with tutors on any subject and at any time. HelpHub started as a phone service, where students could call a tutor and get their questions answered, but Kudry soon discovered that students were hesitant with exchanging numbers with strangers. Kudry and his team then realized that when they introduced instant messaging as a way for the students to interact with their tutors, students were more receptive.

“HelpHub is an online platform for tutoring and student support,” says Kudry. “We offer help in virtually every academic subject, post-secondary subject and K-12.”

HelpHub.com now has 12,000+ tutors in over 65 countries and students from over 1,500 schools across North America. Tutors are verified by their Facebook and their number. Also, tutors can upload a copy of their transcript to prove their credentials. Students can give their tutors ratings and thus, build up a tutor’s “karma”.

“Depending on the situation tutors who receive two to three back to back bad ratings are suspended and we investigate what the problem is,” says Kudry.

Tutors are the ones who set up their rates and availability. Before starting a session, students and tutors can negotiate price points based off time spent helping a student with a question. Tutors often set up hourly rates that are posted on their profile along with a picture. HelpHub only takes 15 percent of the tutor’s earnings. When students create their accounts, they can add credits to their account as a mode to pay as they go. Kudry explains that often students who joined HelpHub seeking help end up becoming tutors themselves.

“A lot of students come to our website and they eventually become tutors,” says Kudry. “They are able to make extra cash and even pay rent with the money they make through HelpHub.”

Signing up for HelpHub is free and is students are not required to put any credit card information on their account until they start receiving help. More information can be found at https://helphub.me/.

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