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Five things you should do the first month of college

You’ve finally made it to college. All your years of schooling have led to this moment. Now that you’ve moved into your dorm and have started classes, this month will be a roller coaster. Balancing your developing social life and academic career can be tough. Here are a few tips to help you get ahead of the roller coaster and possibly have a fun ride while doing it.

Speak with your professors.

Your professors are there to not only teach but to help you as well. Letting them know ahead of time what you expect from the course and may struggle with can very much help your chances of succeeding in the class.

Realize High School is not College.

The schoolwork is different in college, as well as the people you meet. Yes, there will still be petty drama that you may or may not involve yourself with. Just remember that the things you were upset over in high school are probably not as important in college. It’s okay if a friendship falls through during the first month of school, there will be a lot of that throughout your whole college career.

Go Out.

Of course, your main focus should be on your books, but I mean it’s college, right? With the seriousness of school though, comes fun and parties! Take the time out to go with your friends and explore the city. Your freshman year will definitely be one of your favorites, so take advantage of the time you have until you officially get into your major.

Take advantage of your on-campus life.

Campus life is a really great place to start your college career. You’ll begin to memorize the campus and where everything is located. You’ll definitely meet more people while being on campus 24/7, and it’s an all-around great experience to have. As a freshman, you’ve just began living on your own and taking care of yourself. During this time, you’ll learn a lot about your personality and what you can handle.

Do not buy all your books from the bookstore.

The first month is the most stressful because you have new classes, but also because you’re about to pay a lot on textbooks that you’ll only use for a semester.  Freshmen always make the mistake of buying all of their books from the school bookstore, and that is not a wise decision. There are numerous sites all over the web that help college students save money while trying to buy textbooks. Chegg, Amazon, Valore Books and other sites are perfect if you’re looking for a cheaper option. You can even rent them until the end of the semester and return them before Christmas break. Amazing.

Make the most out of not only your first month, but your first year of college. There will be a lot of ups and downs, but that’s all a part of the roller coaster. Make it a goal to have the best possible year you can have and you’ll definitely achieve it.

Written by Erin Turner, Staff Writer. Photo by Seth Willard.


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