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Dr. Chu tells his story

A man of science becomes a man of the people as he learns what it means to positively impact people’s lives. Dr. Zduy Chu is VSU’s new director of housing.

Chu grew up in Arkansas and is a part of a large family that consists of four sisters, and one brother. His family moved around a lot trying to find a stable job.

Dr. Zduy Chu

Chu began to work when he was just 15 years old in an effort to help his family financially. He wanted to help them as much as they did for him.

After high school, Chu attended the University of Arkansas where he earned his bachelors and master’s degree in science.

While attending the University of Arkansas, Chu realized that science wasn’t where he wanted to go. From there, he decided to go into the housing field,

Chu then joined MUFF, a program that took students behind the scenes of the student affairs department.

He soon became a resident assistant, an orientation leader, and participated in Greek life. He enjoyed watching what he was doing and seeing how he was impacting other people’s lives.

“Make the best of every moment, and everybody you come in contact with,” Chu said.

After graduating with his masters, Chu moved to California for five years before moving to Atlanta. He spent the last six years working at Georgia State where he earned his doctorate degree.

His main goal as director is making sure everyone he comes in contact with has a close interaction with him. Chu wants anyone to come to him if there is a problem and tell him how he could fix it or make it better.

“He just has such a great vibrant personality,” Erica Chaviano, area coordinator, said. “He brings such a good vibe to the department.”

As of right now, Chu doesn’t have any right away plans for housing, but is observing and getting the feel of things. He plans on interacting with students by stopping by events, or stopping in the halls and getting feedback from them.

Since Chu first started, he tries to have close relationships with everyone including his staff. He said that he wants to make the best out of the working situation and wants the work environment to feel family oriented.

“We honestly do function as a family” Jenni Shinpaugh, associate director of housing, said.

Written by Tylaise Christopher. Photos courtesy of VSU.

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