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Hurricane Maria ravages Puerto Rico, leaves U.S. in a daze

Hurricane season is in full effect, and people all over the world are feeling the effects of these vicious storms.

This year there have already been over 10 documented hurricanes that have formed in the Atlantic Ocean. A few of these hurricanes have affected the US greatly in the past two months.

Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas in August, closely followed by Hurricane Irma that hit most of Florida and Georgia.

The most recent storm is Hurricane Maria, a category five hurricane that hit the US Virgin Islands on Sept 18.

Mirror.co.uk reported that Maria made landfall on the island of Dominica with 175 mph winds, affecting nearly 500,000 people with dangerous floods and unimaginable destruction.

A few days later, Maria hit Puerto Rico as a category four on Sept 21 with 155 mph winds and left the entire population of 3.5 million without power. The entire island was under a flash flood watch last Thursday when the storm first made landfall.

After the storm began to leave the area, reports of the devastation came in.

According to NY mag, in some areas, 80 percent of homes were destroyed in various cities all around the island, and there were already three deaths accounted for.

Maria is the strongest storm to hit the US Territory in nearly a century.

CNN reported that even now, almost a week after Maria hit, 97 percent of Puerto Rico is still without power, and half of the residents don’t have running water. There is no food or water available, and officials are working hard to get supplies distributed everywhere on the island.

According to Weather.com, Maria hit the coast of North Carolina on Sept. 26, bringing high wind gusts and flooding. The storm was about 180 miles east of North Carolina and is moving north, northeast at 6 mph.

North Carolina was under storm surge warnings, and the danger of rising water was a threat.

Written by Chloe Bradshaw, Staff Writer. 

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