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Have some fun off campus

The guy from your physics class that’s really cute just asked you on a date. Perhaps the girl you think is really smoking wanted to go out sometime. Maybe you and your friends just want to have fun, and you guys aren’t feeling the bar scene tonight. Well here are some alternatives for some spontaneous fun.

Game nights can be considered especially fun but dangerously competitive. Try a vintage game board night. Whether with friends or that special someone, game night is bound to bring out high-strung emotions in people.

What about a picnic? Go to your favorite park and hang out with your friends or that special someone. Prepare food and shoot the breeze.

If you’re going on a date and you’re both of legal age, how about a wine tasting? Depending on where you live, a wine tasting event could be happening every weekend. Also, there are always coupons online, so that this outing can be more affordable.

Karaoke is another fun thing to do for a get together with friends or just a casual date. Your local restaurants in your neighborhood may actually have karaoke nights, but you have to check their listings. Some nights these types of restaurants will also have specials on their food items.

Another way to learn about a person’s competitive drive is to play video games. Video games can truly test someone’s limit when it comes to being stuck at a level or losing altogether. Arcades are everywhere, and they could possibly be an option if this works for you. Playing video games with your friends or that special someone can grant you a chance to know them better.

How many times have you went into a superstore thinking, “I only need two things” and walk out spending $65? What about a date? Or what about a random night of boredom with your friends? Your local superstore chain can be the perfect place to find out what someone thinks is funny or what their decorating tastes are like. If you go with your friends, this excursion will be a funny one.

In downtown Valdosta, there are some places where you can get hot dogs and other food items inexpensively. These places are conveniently next to other vendors and places to sit around and people watch.

Depending on if your group of friends are the vintage type or if you want to show that special someone another side of you, then the record store can be an option. Record stores are the perfect example of getting to know someone’s music tastes (if they’re into vinyls). Even bringing your friends here can push them to open up their minds to more music genres. Red Door Records in downtown Valdosta would be a good place to start.

Diners are simple and easy. Your local breakfast joint can be a form of these simple and easy diners. With everything on the menu priced relatively low, these chain restaurants can be some of the most fun and relaxed places to take that special someone. Being there with your friend group can turn into one of those, “You remember when…” type of nights.

Coffee shops can be a smooth transition date with that special someone or it can just be a hangout spot for your friends. If you’ve seen “Friends,” then you get the gist. Most coffee shops are affordable and provide some lounging area where their clientele can enjoy a beverage and some treats.

Going on a date or hanging with friends can be a fun time depending on what the night consists of. Having fun doesn’t have to break the bank and making a great first impression on someone doesn’t have to empty your wallet either. Get creative and find your options!

Story by Jacorey Moon, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of pixabay.com.

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