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Review: Justice League worth watching, more good than bad

Calling all superhero fans and moviegoers alike, the latest addition to the D.C. Comics brand “The Justice League” movie is a new take on the classic superhero group.

I thought that the new Justice League was quite phenomenal. What made this movie so phenomenal was the editing, the acting and the overall storyline of the movie. For example, the editing used to show the flash running in a slow-motion was nothing short of innovative in my opinion. I also found it cool that the movie showed the electrical shock that he generates from running so fast.

Of course because this movie is filled with some seasoned actors and some new comers, the casting director did a great job of trying to form a group of actors that work together to truly bring the characters to life. From Ben Affleck (I don’t like him as Batman because of his face doesn’t really fit in to the mask), to Ezra Miller, to Jason Momoa to Ray Fisher this movie tried to seek out diversity.

The story line of the movie was okay, but I do think that it could’ve been better. Even though I do give D.C. its credit, they haven’t made me excited or thrilled throughout an entire movie in a very long time. As a mid-level lover of comic book and superhero based things, I think that this movie tried to bring a twist on the Justice League, while bringing something new to the table for the super fans of the superhero world.

One thing that I didn’t like was that there were some team members who were missing, although the amount of members that were included still got the job done. Also, I feel as if Aquaman (Jason Momoa) didn’t get enough emphasis. I don’t think that he used any of his powers. I feel that the director could’ve used better judgment when it came to Aquaman. I mean literally, he didn’t use his powers at all he just fought with his trident.

In the middle and end of the movie all that I have to say is Superman…yes, Superman.  That’s all I’m going to say without spoiling the movie.

At the very end of the movie, D.C. teased a new trailer for a movie. Perhaps a Justice League 2, or a movie based on The Secret Society of Super Villains? I’ll spoil that one only because I sat and waited (like any superhero fan would) to watch the ending credits, and it was a waste of time.

Overall, I think that this movie was great and that D.C. did a good job on it. What’s next?

Written by Jacorey Moon, assistant entertainment editor. Photo courtesy of DC comics.

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