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Editorial: Hey VSU, enough with the emails

It’s 2018, and notifications drive your everyday life. You get social media notifications, grades and class cancellation emails, and that doesn’t even include text or missed call notifications.

Unfortunately, an overflowing surge of these notifications subconsciously forces many of us to not pay attention when we receive them and this can to our detriment.

They can save you from forgetting important deadlines or events. Notifications can also save you from a lot of disappointments, such as going to a class that’s been cancelled.

What happens when those notifications become pointless, not to mention repetitive?

The VSU Student Distribution Group sends mass emails, many of which send the same information but from different sources.

The emails also come consecutively, which can be irritating if you are working or resting and are uninterested by the information that is sent out.

From Student Life activities, to clubs and organization events, to study abroad trips, emails are sent out within an overwhelming regularity that can blunt their impact. Some information is helpful, but the repetitiveness of the information is frustrating and can drive students up a wall.

There should be a more efficient way to relay information. Announcements and event details could be sent to the heads of clubs or organizations, and it would be on their discretion to share the information with the remainder of the group.

If that idea is not efficient, the emails could at least be sent to a central distributor to ensure that there is no double emails. Another solution would be to break up the distribution of the emails periodically throughout the day rather than sending them simultaneously.

We at The Spectator understand that the distribution of information is very important to keep the campus aware of events that would not normally be publicized. However, as students, we think there could be a better way to relay this information, so that it actually hits its mark and does not end up, unopened, in the trash bin.

This editorial was written by a member of the editorial staff and expresses the general opinion of The Spectator.

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