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SGA discusses new plan for parking, Blazer Trail Color Rush

Moving into the fourth week of the spring 2018 semester, SGA is pushing the envelope to make campus life better.

The meeting’s agenda started with the introduction of Executive Director of Advising Robert Friedhoff, who opened the floor for discussion.

Majority of the students in attendance asked questions about how advising has been from a student’s perspective. They expressed how some advisors do not care, while others just do the bare minimum.

After about 15 minutes of rapid fire comments, Friedhoff sounded off on the ambience in the room.

“It’s a lot of energy here,” Friedhoff said.

Students then voiced their concerns on issues with parking to which SGA President Maya Mapp took an initiative to respond to.

“We do not have a parking problem,” Mapp said. “We have a convenience problem.”

Those words led to a presentation of the committee’s ideas for a new parking model. The proposed model divides VSU into color-coded zones: gold, blue, and green.

Gold zones are the parking spaces closest to campus. Blue zones are of a moderate distance, while green zones are even farther out, some of which are on the north campus.

As of right now, parking permits are $50 for the academic year. Implementing these new zones come with a much different price.

From the model, gold zone parking costs $70, blue zone is $50, and green zone is $30. The amount of restrictions depend upon which permit a student chooses to buy.

Purchasing a green zone permit does not allow buyers to park in a blue or gold zone. Gold zone permits are the complete opposite. Students can park in a green, blue or gold zones, if they so choose.

Purchasing priority is based off of classification meaning seniors will have first pick on gold zone permits. After that, the priority goes from juniors on down. Currently, the model is up for approval.

President Mapp also took the time to introduce the Blazer Trail Color Rush. This campus activity is a 5k fun run, that is slated to begin April 21 at 7 a.m. The committee is still discussing the final start time.

In previous years, participants of the run would travel a route that would start at Wainwright Drive to the VSU Pedestrian Mall. The trail would then end on the VSU front lawn where participants can eat their meals.

The early registration price is $15, and the deadline is Feb 11. Those funds include a packet of paint for the run, t-shirt, and the post-run meal.

Model Mentors, a student organization designed to help guide youth in transition through volunteering, and enlightenment, is sponsoring the event. NAACP is partnering with Model Mentors to sponsor the event as well.

Written by Prince Robinson Jr., Staff Writer. Photo by Jada Dukes, Staff Writer.

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