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People poll: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

“The Bud Light commercial was the best, to me, because there were several of them throughout the Super Bowl and it kept me interested,” David Morris, a freshman mass major, said.

“My favorite was the Alexa commercial because it was funny and I knew what was going on,” Bryuana Bynum, a freshman mass media major, said.

“I like the Mountain Dew commercial because Morgan Freeman was in it and I loved hearing him rap over Missy Elliott,”  Ed Idahosa, a junior mathematics major, said.

“My favorite commercial was of Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. re-enacting the dirty dancing scene,” Thai Porter, a sophomore marketing major, said.

“I liked the Mountain Dew Ice commercial because it is my favorite drink,” Shainee Reed, a sophomore nursing major, said.

Story and photo by Prince Robinson, Staff Writer. 

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