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VSU Chemistry Department seeks eggshells for project

The chemistry department at VSU is currently seeking donations of eggshells for a project taking place this semester.

The eggshells are to be used specifically for experiments here at VSU that will work towards an economical means of developing a type of compound called a bryostatin.

Bryostatins are compounds that occur naturally in certain bacteria. These bacteria live symbiotically with the marine animal Bugula neritina. Bryostatins are of great interest to the medical community as potential therapies for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Eggshells provide a growing surface for the bryostatins. They will be taken to the ocean to adjust to the salinity in the water while marine bacteria attach itself to the eggshells. The eggshells will be brought back to VSU. The bacteria’s growth will be monitored here at the university.

The chemistry department will be collecting eggshells through Labor Day. If you’re interested in contributing, contact Dr. Thomas J. Manning at the chemistry department.

Written by Robert Davison, Copy Editor. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.

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