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Freshman SGA senators reveal their road to success

SGA announced its new 2018 freshmen senators last Thursday, Aug. 30, and they’re raring to get to work.

Filled with hopes and dreams, the freshman senators are ready to make changes at VSU. Sen. Aminata Lewis is just one in a sea of 21 ready to make it happen.

Lewis, a psychology major, said one of her primary goals is gaining her peers’ trust.

“I want people to get to know me so that I am able to listen to their concerns and help them,” Lewis said. “My goals as a SGA senator is to listen to my peer’s problems and bring it up to the executive board.”

With that in mind, Lewis said she wants to tackle parking on campus first, specifically focusing on commuters. She hopes to make parking easier for them and alleviate their worries of getting a ticket.

Sen. Jillian Diaz-Perera, a pre-exercise physiology major, said she hopes to bring a new and refreshed outlook on issues stated by VSU’s student body.

“Having a chance to be a senator gives me a way to reach out and talk to many more students and faculty members,” Diaz-Perera said. “Hopefully I can be a pushing force to getting things done.”

While Diaz-Perera doesn’t know of any current standing issues SGA has to tackle, she’s preparing herself for what’s to come.

Jillian Diaz-Perera gives her opinion on her new position as a Freshman Senator

In order to become senators, Diaz-Perera and Lewis went through a campaigning process where they needed to get 50 student signatures and send in their application to SGA.

Mamie Flucas, a sophomore French major, said she voted for SGA freshmen senators to help a friend and bring about change.

“My friend told me that if she earned a seat on the senate, she would be able to voice the problem about parking and see what changes could be changed,” Flucas said.

SGA Vice President Amea Thompson said she has high expectations for the new senators

“I expect these new senators to voice any problems that students may have, especially what problems freshmen students may have since it’s their first year.” Thompson said. “Freshmen senators are also responsible for changing and revising the constitution.”

The new constitution is set to be passed in October during homecoming week.

Thomspon wants the new freshmen senators to not only learn from this experience and help their peers, but also grow from SGA.

I expect the senators to grow individually and become more professional.” Thomspon said, “Hopefully SGA leads to them to more opportunities in the future.”

Besides Lewis and Diaz-Perera, the freshmen senators include Demonta Barrino, Jeremy Cody, Jakiah Clayton, Kiesha Dukes, Teresa Forbes, Cheria Gilliam, Tre Hamler, Dominique Hardy, Evelyn Hernandez, Jada Hogue, Cassie Katen, Christopher Kirkland, Scout McCambridge, Victoria Merritt, Brandon Quispe, Sacova Stewart, Ashanti Stillwell, Burke Williams, and Raven Young.

The SGA executive board changed its meetings to every other Monday at 6:30 and ask that all students come out and voice their concerns. The next meeting is on Sept 24. at 6:30 p.m.

Written by Lenah Allen, Staff Writer. Photos by Bryce Ethridge, News Editor, and Lenah Allen.

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