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People Poll: Do you use VSB to schedule classes?

The Visual Schedule Builder is a new program that allows students to set up their academic schedule based on the classes they need for the semester. Academic advisor Elaina Walker said that this kind of program should have been around when she was a student.

“For me personally, I’ve always been a visual learner, so having a scheduler right in front of me helps reinforce what I’m building when I’m looking at my courses,” she said. “For freshmen, I think this will be really convenient and less stressful for them.”


Krupesh Patel, SGA comptroller and a senior biology major

“[VSB] is an easier tool for students to register if they know what classes they’re taking because it builds the schedule for the students and it lets the student visualize on a weekly calendar what their schedule would be. SGA is working with advisors and Mr. Rob [Friedhoff, executive director of advising], and we’re trying to see in what ways we can make the program better and in what ways we can push it out to the students.”


Carla Diaz, a senior biology major

“I think [VSB] will help students because right now I use a third schedule builder because they didn’t offer the VSB before, but now that there is one that is integrated with our classes, it’s faster and easier to do it that way because the class info is already uploaded.”


Alyssa Jackson, a junior English major

“I have used VSB once, and it actually does help because it helps you visualize what your semester is going to look like and helps balance between doing schoolwork and other things you need to do. It was recommended to me by a friend, and I’ll probably use it again just to see how it is.”


Gabrielle Robinson, a freshman psychology major

“I think it betters the process because I can see what my schedule can look like and you have a for sure visual of what your schedule will look like. I’ll use it every year until I graduate.”


Written by Lenah Allen, Staff Writer.

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