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Valentine's Day: the most loving and joyous time of the year . For some of us anyway.

People Poll: What Advice Would You Give Incoming Freshmen?


Chase Cutforth, a sophomore biology major

“Do not procrastinate, if your teacher assigns something do it that same day,” he said. “Put your assignments before going out until you have free time. Don’t be a yes man.”


Trinity Davis, a sophomore mass media major

“Don’t let your friendships or relationships obscure you from your academics,” she said. “The relationships and bonds you create are not promised, you should focus on obtaining your degree.”


Reginald Montgomery, a sophomore mass media major

“Don’t buy all your textbooks yet,” Montgomery said. “See what classes actually need the textbook and then go from there.”


Cameron Bangs, a senior accounting finance

“Never take an eight a.m. class, never trust VSU food, and learn how to cook,” he said. “Your RA is not your best friend; despite what they say they are doing their job. Go to your career advisor and stay close with them and do not go Greek freshmen year.”

Written by Jasmin Small, Staff Writer.  

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