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Latif Bolat will perform and present a lecture on the Land of the Sufis in Turkey tonight, Oct. 29.

VSU hosts Turkish musician Latif Bolat

Mysticism of Turkey and the Sufis will be explored tonight, Oct. 29.

Philosophy and Religious Studies club will be hosting Latif Bolat, a well-established Turkish musician, in April Library Auditorium room 1160 at 7 p.m.

Bolat has traveled around the world, performing at multiple universities and events, and has released four successful albums in the U.S.

He perform music and recite poetry of the Turkish culture. He will also speak about Sufism, an Islamic religion that focuses on self-discipline and spiritual practices.

Dr. Serran-Pagan of the Philosophies and Religious Studies Department spoke of what Bolat will present and what students hope to get out of this concert.

“The purpose of the concert is to promote the music and the culture of Turkey,” Dr. Serran-Pagan said.

Students will hear the mystical side of Turkey through his music. While Bolat is playing, there will be a presentation playing of beautiful landscapes of Turkey.

This will be the third time Bolat has performed at VSU.

Dr. Serran-Pagan speaks of the importance of philosophy and religious studies.

“We [philosophy and religious studies] are already interdisciplinary,” Dr. Serran-Pagan said. “This field of study can cover many cross over to multiple subjects.”

Having events like this will benefit students who attend because it gives them an opportunity to see a perspective outside of their own by experiencing different religions, traditions and cultures.

It helps students learn how to think more critically and be able to see the world from someone else’s perspective.

“Of course, by examining the past we can learn how we can live in the present, or project ourselves into the future and have more tools in our hands,” Dr. Serran-Pagan said.

This event is free and open to the public.

Written by Isabella Schneider, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Latif Bolat.

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