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Bethany Davis leaves her mark on the VSU Spectator

When I first joined The Spectator three years ago, I had very little experience working in graphic design, but I always knew it was a career path I wanted to pursue.

As my time at Valdosta State is coming to an end, I can honestly say that working with The Spectator was the best decision I made as an undergraduate.

This opportunity opened so many doors for me both on and off campus. However, the most important thing that The Spectator offered me was growth. Growth as a student, a designer, and a person.

Leaving is bittersweet and my future after college is both exciting and scary. I do not have any immediate plans for after college but I feel well equipped to take on any role in the workplace and the community. And I can’t wait to see what I can offer the world next.

Thank you Sarahi for being a great assistant this semester. I know you’re going to do great taking over next semester.

Thank you everyone at The Spectator for the constant encouragement and motivation and for making my time at VSU worthwhile.

And thank you Valdosta State for the memories. I will cherish them always.

-Bethany Davis, Spectator Graduate BFA in Art with a Graphic Design focus

It has been a pleasure knowing and working with Bethany. For the past three years, she has shared her talent and showcased it on the front page of every one of our print editions of The Spectator. Her stylistic intelligence takes our newspaper to the next level.

As Editor-in-Chief, I can honestly say that I would not have been able to operate without her hard work and dedication.

As our organization has grown she has adapted and grown with it. Even during the dramatic changes during COVID-19, her attitude and passion for her work never altered.

Her beautiful design work isn’t the only thing tat always impressed me about me. Bethany always came into The Spectator office with a positive attitude that uplifted the morale of the entire office.

It’s very hard to let her go, but I know that there are countless opportunities awaiting her. Thank you so much for your unbeatable designs, incredible work ethic and admirable determination to always succeed at everything you do.

We will miss you here at The Spectator but can’t wait to hear all the great things you’ll do.

Comment from Lenah Allen, Editor-in-Chief.

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