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Betty’s Diner offers breathtaking breakfast

Here in Valdosta, it’s hard to find a real home-cooked style meal at a restaurant, but one restaurant makes that choice easier for everyone.

Opening in 1950, originally as Bynum’s Diner, Betty’s Diner is one of the oldest restaurants still standing in Valdosta.

The owner, Betty Daughtery, has been working here since Bynum’s was open. She hasn’t missed a day, unless it’s for a family emergency.

At the age of 79, Daughtery makes sure this restaurant is in tiptop shape and that the customers are satisfied.

The most memorable part of this restaurant is the style of the interior and exterior. It feels like you’ve stepped into a different dimension a soon as you get out of the car. The original building from the 50s still stands, the floor is still a small tiled, and the seating and tables are something you’d see in a movie.

Once inside, you can sit at any table or booth that is available. When you sit for a few minutes, you will see Miss Betty walk from around the bar or the back kitchen with a menu and silverware.

The coffee I ordered was not as strong as I usually like it, but that did not stop me from getting two more refills after the first.

Once Miss Betty scribbles your order down on her notepad, you can sit and listen to the music and talk to people around you in the restaurant. Everyone is friendly, and they are usually there every morning for Miss Betty’s pancakes.

I made sure to order the two eggs with hash browns, bacon and buttered toast. Saying the food was good is an understatement. You could tell these hash browns had been freshly grated from the potatoes, and the bacon was thick and crispy. If you can’t handle a little bit of grease, this place is not for you.

My roommate came with me and ordered the two-pancake meal. These delicious pancakes came with bacon, and she got a side order of French toast. This meal could not have been made any better than it already was. The pancakes were huge and fluffy and could be topped with in-house

syrup or locally grown berry jam. The French toast did not last long on the plate because we could not get enough of it.

All-in-all, Betty’s Diner is one of the most delicious, home-cooked style restaurants in Valdosta. It fills you up, makes you happy and feels like home. Make sure you talk to Miss Betty about the restaurant’s history when you visit, you’d be surprised at the stories. Also, remember to have cash with you. This restaurant is strictly cash-only.

Story by Madison Gruber, Assistant Campus Life Editor. Photo courtesy of Madison Gruber.

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