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Review: Ghostface gives fresh take on old series

Paramount Pictures have released a new and highly anticipated film, “Scream,” on Jan 14, having horror junkies alike come together.

The film takes place 25 years after Billy Loomis terrorized the town with his Ghostface antics. After a similar attack as the original from 25 years ago, two sisters have reunited in hopes of discovering who is behind the attacks, as well as attempting to stop their circle of friends from becoming the next face on the front page.

With everything a horror junkie could want, this film has earned its separation from the previous films of the series with a glowing new edge, a little humor and boasting a heightened medium-awareness.

I walked in believing it to be just another “Scream movie,” and left feeling satisfied as a horror fan, a “Scream” fan and a proprietor of all things scary!

With a gross collection of $55.4 million, many critics have given it the same positive review. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 76%, the film attempts to keep their meta-commentary that made the original so much of a success. Most viewers even say that they would recommend this film to a friend.
Sydney’s character, played by Neve Campbell, has been revamped to display the attitude of a modern “final girl,” where she has no hesitation about marching back to Woodsboro in order to put the new Ghostface into the ground for good.

This fresh take on an old character has gained the approval of fans and critics. Both had found an appreciation of this new role that Sydney finds herself in as she settles into the more suitable role from the survivor the audience acclimatized her to be.

The film provides a surprising number of references to other films, such as “Halloween,” “Scream” (or “Stab” in universe), “The Babadook” and others of its kind.

However, don’t think the directors and producers have settled for making references to other films, as they’ve cooked up some unique and truly terrifying moments that put shivers down someone’s back. In the theater, others were reacting to the film in a similar way that me and my friend were: plenty of clapping, recoiling and gasping.

Lovers of horror, this film has been a breakout of the nod-offs that were getting produced – this film is faithful, quirky and a fun ride from start to finish.

Written by Amanda Russell, staff writer. Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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