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Student Spotlight: Meet Dawson Holley

Dawson Holley, a senior business major, transferred to VSU for his junior year and has been here ever since.

Holley’s favorite hobby during his free time is fishing.

He likes to fish in tournaments for fun. He mainly likes to fish for bass. His favorite place to fish is a lake in his hometown called Baymeadows Lake.

Holley said that while he is not an avid movie watcher, he did like the classic movie Titanic.

Holley enjoys several TV shows, such as Shark Tank, The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead.

Math has always been Holley’s favorite school subject. It is a subject that he is proud to be good at and he enjoys helping other people who struggle with it.

As a child Holley had a strong ambition to grow up and be a professional race car driver. One person he looked up to as a child was Dale Earnhardt Jr.

One interesting fact about Holley is that he enjoys trading stocks in the stock market. He has been trading stocks for around three years, and it is something he has really found an appreciation for.

Written by Kinlee Wright, Spectator Reporter. 

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