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Test-only college admissions may spark racial discrimination

Researchers at Georgetown University have come out with a study that involves higher education only accepting students based on standardized test scores. Standardized tests are used to give all students with different backgrounds a fair chance with the same criteria. However, they can be a disadvantage for students whom don’t test well. Traditional college and university admissions usually include letters ...

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Crime Report: Aggravated assault, burglary decrease from 2016

Valdosta State’s crime on campus is nowhere near being obsolete, but in the first week of November, it seems to be slowing down compared to last month. With the fall coming in, you can snuggle up inside and read the resources the Valdosta State Police provides for students. The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report provides students with information on ...

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Student loan debt at all-time high; should education be free?

Many American students must take out student loans to attend higher education institutions. As a result, the national student debt is $1.6 trillion. There is always that question of whether institutions should be offering college for free or what would happen if college was free? Currently students can receive federal financial aid and use scholarships first before resulting to student ...

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Which courses should you enroll in?

Registration for spring semester is now open. It can be hard to decide what classes you should take; some students would like for the classes to be both interesting and beneficial and that is possible. Classes that you are required to take can end up being enjoyable for you. Janai Green, sophomore and nursing major, was required to take sociology ...

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Tension Builds: Mayoral candidates address transportation, racial tension

Valdosta’s mayoral candidates were able to answer the questions of VSU students first-hand and address any of their concerns at their last debate. The last debate was held on Oct. 28 in VSU’s Magnolia Room, courtesy of the Sociology and Anthropology Club and the NAACP Valdosta State Chapter. All five of the candidates were invited but only three of them, ...

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Valdosta mayoral election results in runoff

Valdosta’s mayoral elections took place on Tuesday, Nov. 12. According to WTXL Tallahassee, the main topic of interest for the election for Valdosta and Bainbridge was whether or not businesses would be allowed to serve alcohol as early as 11 a.m. on Sundays. This bill is called The Brunch Bill Referendum.  “According to election results sent to ABC 27 on ...

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Crime Report: Larceny continues on campus

Valdosta State’s crime is following the same trend. Most of the crime reports from on campus have been attempts of larceny. Larceny is a crime involving the taking of property from another business or person. Many of these acts of larceny involve the breaking into and stealing of personal items from the vehicles around campus. On Oct. 15, a VSU ...

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The 4-year vs. 2-year college debate: Which is better?

Recently, a debate has begun as to whether a four-year college or a two-year trade school or technical education is superior. There are many compelling arguments for both sides, and there are advantages and disadvantages to whichever educational route students decide to pursue. There are a variety of factors that play a role when prospective students are deciding what type ...

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VSU hosts Turkish musician Latif Bolat

Mysticism of Turkey and the Sufis will be explored tonight, Oct. 29. Philosophy and Religious Studies club will be hosting Latif Bolat, a well-established Turkish musician, in April Library Auditorium room 1160 at 7 p.m. Bolat has traveled around the world, performing at multiple universities and events, and has released four successful albums in the U.S. He perform music and ...

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Crime Report: Residence halls high crime areas

Is Valdosta State’s crime following a pattern? Most of VSU’s crime reports consist of drug law violations involved with marijuana, leading to an arrest by Valdosta State police. There have been three cases of drug law violations since Oct. 12. That were three arrests of Valdosta State students in the past nine days. Many of these arrests are coming from ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!