30 October

Daily Strange: New Yorkers Take A Bite

Written By: Ivey Ingalls Rubin Did you know that for every shark bite in the world, 25 people are bitten by a New Yorker? I’m not stating that sharks are harmless. They can be territorial and aggressive creatures and accidents do happen; just not as often as one might think. People have become very comfortable […]

30 October

Daily Strange: Mantis Shrimp Inspired Cancer Camera

Written By: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin Inspired by the Mantis shrimp ability to see cancer, scientists have created a camera the can do the same. Scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia have recently discovered that the mantis shrimp has a ridiculously incredible ability—these sea creatures are able to detect a variety of cancers inside the […]

27 October

Atlanta Symphony cancels performances as lockout drags on

By David Ng Los Angeles Times / (MCT) The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has canceled its opening night celebration as well as performances through Nov. 8 as a labor dispute with its musicians drags on with no end in sight. The company locked out its musicians earlier this month following a breakdown in contract negotiations. Stanley […]

23 October

Campus Wellness smoking ban follow up

Written By: Marquez Slaughter Campus Wellness has followed up on the tobacco ban on VSU’s campus by providing a program for VSU faculty, staff and students who use tobacco products and are willing to quit. This program is called Freshstart, which is a free smoking cessation program of the American Cancer Society. The Freshstart program […]

23 October

How To Stop Cravings

Written By: Hailey Nelson Do you tend to start craving sweet, salty or sugary foods when stress creeps up or when you just want a quick pick-me-up? All of the sugar, carbs and caffeine that we consume on the go only give us a temporary boost of energy. It may take practice to form new […]

23 October

TrekDesk to Make People Healthier at Work

Written By: Cole Edwards A former social worker has invented a new approach that will allow millions of working adults to walk the walk and talk the talk.   Steve Bordley, founder and CEO of the Arizona-based TrekDesk, designed a desk small enough to fit around virtually any treadmill that allows for the user to walk […]

23 October

New Anonymous App Made for Students

Written By: Mayah Cantave A new anonymous photo-sharing app for college students, Unseen, was recently released at Valdosta State University, and students are taking notice.   “It’s hilarious and entertaining, but it’s bound to piss someone off” Camille Pollitt, senior mass media major, said. “(It will make) me question the next time I Snapchat something.”   […]

23 October

Election activities heat up at VSU

Written By: LaMarcus Wilkerson It’s election time again, and a few organizations on campus are aiming to encourage college students to vote in the 2014 midterm election.   Nationally, Rock the Vote, a large nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, launched a campaign strictly for that purpose.   The “Care Like Crazy” campaign uses numerous ads to […]

23 October

Domestic abuse project hung out to dry

Written By: Jordan Hill The Women’s and Gender Studies program and VSU administrators are airing a different type of dirty laundry this year. Because of a dispute between WGST and VSU’s top administrators, the program will not hang T-shirts on clotheslines to create awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence for the first time in […]