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Album Review: I Decided

Written by Kevin Paul, Contributor G.O.O.D Music signee “Big Sean” debuted his fourth studio album, “I Decided.” establishing his first mark for 2017. After startling the world with lead singles such as “Moves” and “Bounce Back”, the anticipation for Sean’s album spontaneously electrified, and for good reason. “I Decided” is Sean’s best album yet, even if there may be flaws ...

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Worth the price: Campus Recreation Hosts Its Annual Haunted Trail

Written by Michaela Leung, Copy Editor & Marcus Colón, Correspondent Once again, the VSU Campus Recreation Department is hosting its Haunted Trail, located on the campus recreation challenge course behind the student recreation center. Through tomorrow, students can experience thrills and chills courtesy of recreation-center volunteers, who dress as killer clowns, scarecrows, frightening nuns and assorted other ghosts and goblins. ...

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Nintendo tries new venture with “Miitomo”

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer Nintendo’s first smart phone game app, “Miitomo,” has been gaining quite a bit of popularity over the past few weeks. You can link Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to it if you do not have a Nintendo account. The free to use app allows customize your own “Mii” character in the Nintendo universe. The ...

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The Visit Review: The most comedic terror of the year

Written by Tatyana Phelps, Managing Editor Night Shyamalan, the same director who brought us “The Sixth Sense” brings us yet another psychological thriller with “The Visit”. It may not be the scariest movie of 2015, but it can’t be denied that it is definitely a good, entertaining movie that will have your cheeks hurting from laughing. You’ll constantly have to ...

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Indie horror film, ‘It Follows’ delivers

Written by: Alex Corbitt, Staff Writer Horror movies today are normally full of jump scares with obvious plot twists that are predicted halfway through the movie. “It Follows,” however, does something I haven’t seen in a horror movie in a long time: create atmosphere. The story is somewhat weird and original, where the main protagonist has her first sexual experience, ...

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SOS boxer briefs save the day with condom pocket underwear

Written by: Zenobia Harris, Staff Writer A new brand of underwear, SOS Boxer Briefs, is taking protection to a new level with its condom pocket underwear. These underwear ensure that its customers are always comfortable while combatting dangerous sex practices. The SOS Boxer Brief line by Bernard Buie was designed to aid in the fight against STDs, unprotected sex and ...

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Waka waka waka: Namco heavyweight still going strong after three decades

Written by: John Preer, Features Editor If you’re old enough to recall a time before video games, you may well remember when the arcade gaming system arrived on the scene. Along with this “new” entertainment system, a slew of game titles were made available in arcades across the country. Perhaps the most memorable game titles were the “Pac-man” games. Having been ...

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This week’s ‘Next Flick Picks’

Written by: Stuart Price, Staff Writer TV Drama: “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” This story takes place in 1970s London, right in the middle of the Cold War. Gary Oldman, whom you may know as Commissioner Gordon from the recent “Batman” films, plays George Smiley, an ex-intelligence officer, aka “spy,” who is brought back to the force to defeat a mole ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

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