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Bonjour de Paris

Guest blogger and VSU student Taylor York blogs about her study abroad experience in Paris.

Bonjour de Paris: Bastille Day

By: Taylor York Hello again! I’m now halfway through my time here in Paris, and time is flying! I’ve visited so many amazing places and made so many new friends. Not to mention, the classes are great, too. It’s so cool to learn about something like the Notre Dame cathedral or the Sainte Chappele and then walk by it on ...

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Bonjour de Paris: My First Week in Paris

By: Taylor York Bonjour! I have now been in Paris for a full week, and what an amazing week it has been! I’m not sure how anyone could ever get bored here. So far, classes are going really well, and I have visited some amazing places. I am taking French 1002 and Music Appreciation here in Paris, so my field ...

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Study Abroad in Paris: Bonjour de Paris

By: Taylor York I woke up yesterday morning with nearly every emotion combined: sadness, excitement, fear, anxiety, confusion. It was the day I had been waiting to come for months, and it didn’t even seem real. I said goodbye to the small slice of this world I call home to embark on one of the biggest adventures I may ever ...

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