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Daily Strange

Daily Strange: Spray on skin coming to you

Photo Credit: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin/THE SPECTATOR

Written by: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin, Staff Writer Spray on skin is reality. A prototype medical device has turned the science fiction notion of spray-on skin to a reality. This device literally sprays skin cells directly onto burn victims and enables the body to re-grow skin. The traditional methods like skin grafts were far more invasive and took weeks and sometimes months to ... Read More »

Daily Strange: Artificial wombs – a motherless birth

Photo Credit: Genetic Literacy Project

by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin ”One by one, the eggs were transferred from their test-tubes to the larger containers; deftly the peritoneal lining was slit, the morula dropped into place, the saline solution poured . . . and already the bottle had passed on through an opening in the wall, slowly on into the Social Predestination Room.” Aldous Huxley, ”Brave New World” ... Read More »

Daily Strange: What are those strange little things floating in your eyeballs?

Photo Credit: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin

by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin Have you ever been minding your own business, not paying too much attention to anything in particular, and noticed a strange little worm-like speck casually drifting in and out of your field of vision? Those distracting little squiggles are actually called “floaters,” and about 70% of the human population has experienced them. Well, what exactly are they? Floaters, ... Read More »

Daily Strange: Coffee decreases liver cancer

Photo Credit: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin

by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin Everyday millions of people reach for coffee as their morning pick-me-up. People drink coffee to wake up, to improve concentration and focus, not to mention its smooth alluring taste and smell. Well, a new addition can now be added on to that list. A new report has shown that regular coffee consumption could also reduce liver cancer risk. ... Read More »

Daily Strange: A Child with two fathers

Photo Credit: ASAPscience

by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin In the circumstance where two males desire to raise a child together, there are two options. Option A: they must adopt, where neither of the parents will share genetic material with the child. Option B: they could use an egg donor and surrogate, where only one of the individuals will technically be a biological contributor. In the near ... Read More »

Daily Strange: The anti-romantic octopus

Photo Credit: BBC Earth

by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin Octopuses sure are strange creatures. From being proclaimed as the most intelligent of all invertebrates to being known to carry “toys” and have individual responses and temperaments. The most intriguing of the octopuses’ traits however lies within its sex habits. Next time you come across an octopus tentacle, keep in mind that you may very well be looking ... Read More »

Daily Strange: New device may give deaf people the opportunity to “hear” through their tongues

Photo credit: Colorado State University

by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin A new device may give deaf people the opportunity to “hear” through their tongues. Cochlear implants have altered the lives of many people around the planet. Since their introduction, the deaf or severely hard of hearing have been capable of regaining one of their senses back, the sense of sound. Though these implants have caused quite the ... Read More »

Daily Strange: Why are paper cuts such a bother?

Photo Credit: worac_sp/shutterstock.com

by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin What happens when you mix a fairly innocent finger-tip with the malicious edge of a piece of paper? The answer is an obscene amount of pain. But have you ever been curious as to why such a small slice in your little finger renders you so much pain? There are a few factors that come into play ... Read More »

Debunking the fits = sits theory

Photo Credit: Ivey Ingalls

by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin All true feline enthusiasts know that no matter how many toys you may bestow on your cat, nothing could ever compare to a simple cardboard box. Why exactly do our adorable feline friends find such attraction in boxes, bags, baskets, suitcases etc? A cat seeks out confined spaces because of an instinctual urge. In the wild, these confined ... Read More »