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Stock Car Road Racing

This weekend is one of the most exciting NASCAR races of the season, the annual stop to Watkins Glen, the 2.45 mile road course in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. However, the very idea of road courses on the NASCAR calendar put some off from watching that weekend. But why? Unfortunately, there is a sizable contingent of ...

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Video of the week: “And it’s a new track record!”

So, I missed the entire weekend of racing last weekend, with the exception of the last few laps of the Brazilian IndyCar race, which appeared to be rather entertaining. Consequently, I honestly have nothing to say regarding the weekend of racing. Oh, the things you miss when you’ve got stuff to do. Either way, there are two videos of the ...

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‘Tator Day Thoughts: Short Tracks

PREFACE: Every week, on Thursday, or “‘Tator Day,” I will try to give my thoughts on a particular idea or thing. This week is short track racing. However, one may wonder, What is ‘Tator Day? For those who attend VSU and regularly read The Spectator, ‘Tator Day is the day that the Spectator is released every week, Thursday. You will ...

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The Love Game: Do’s and don’ts of breaking up

Breaking up is hard to do. This is a cliché that finds its way around town quite a lot.   It’s natural for a person’s emotions to diminish, but that person has to handle it with the proper care.   If you approach breaking up with a partner carefully and maturely, you’ll lessen the chances for fighting and a broken heart. ...

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PopAddict: Handler disses Jolie for Team Anniston

Hello guys and dolls! I’ve got my remote ready. Are you ready to surf some channels? � Click. Ladies, R&B singer Brian McKnight wants to show you how your lady parts work. McKnight is doing an adult mixtape.   He has previewed a new track called “If you’re ready to learn.” Here is the chorus: “Let me show you how your ...

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Insanity, Thy Name is Group B Rallying

Going to the topic of “there’s more to racing than NASCAR”, I present you with insanity personified, Group B rallying from the 1980s. The driver is Walter Rohrl, the car is an Audi Quattro, and I suggest you check out a number of things here. Come for Rohrl’s insane car control, stay for the ridiculous (lack of) crowd control. I ...

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Welcome to SPECRacing

And a good good afternoon to you, and welcome to SPECRacing, the VSU Spectator’s blog about the world of motorsport, written by the Spectator’s motorsport guru, Joe Adgie. Here, you’ll see information, and my opinions on everything that I find interesting in the world of motorsport. One day, you might see a topic about pack racing at Talladega, while on ...

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New Wii U rumors surface

Hello and welcome back to a regular edition of Spec Tech.  This week, Facebook buys Instagram, rumors from Wii U, Samsung Galaxy III launches, and the largest tablet screen is presented.   Facebook bought the very popular app, Instagram for $1 billion.  No one knows exactly why this deal was made, but it could be that Instagram wanted to spread ...

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Love vs. Lust: Pick a team

The confusion between love and lust can make for a fatal attraction. Once the lust dies, the person can see that he or she actually didn’t love the person that he or she was with.  It’s true that the beginning of any relationship begins with the physical attraction.  However, shortly afterward, you can become attracted to your partner mentally and ...

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Stonewalled: Cold as Ice

The National Hockey League playoffs started on April 11th, and the play so far has been highlighted not by amazing breakaways and power plays, but by nasty fights and dirty hits.   Hockey has always been known for its high intensity action and heated tempers that lead to fights on the ice, but a lot of the hits and scrums ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!