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SpecTech: New Sonic 4 slightly flawed

Welcome to this week’s review; I hope you guys didn’t get pranked too hard on Sunday.   After 16 years of waiting and begging, fans finally got a sequel to Sonic 3 and Knuckles, a 1994 platform video game for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.  This was the first time Sonic has had a purely 2D platformer on a home console ...

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The Love Game: The 10 Commandments of Love

Welcome to The Love Game, your VSU Spectator love and relationship advice column! Written by Jennifer Gleason and Amanda Usher, The Love Game is here to answer all of your anonymous questions about the world of romance. Let’s start with an overview of the basics… The 10 Commandments of Love 1. Thou shall trust wholeheartedly. 2. Thou shall practice proper ...

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PopAddict: Kardashian dates wanna-be Bieber

Hello guys and dolls! I’ve got my remote ready. Are you ready to surf some channels? � Click. � Mary J. Blige, one of America’s most treasured voices, is now using her soulful voice to sing about the crispy chicken sandwich at Burger King in a new commercial. � The ad has caused uproar in the black community with people ...

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Project X: No adults allowed

Project X, a comedy written by Michael Bacall and Matt Drake, tells the hilarious story of two friends, Costa (Oliver Cooper) and J.B. (Jonathan Daniel), who organize a birthday party for their 16-year-old friend Thomas (Thomas Mann) in hopes that it will improve their popularity in school. Luckily, Thomas’ parents were planning to celebrate their anniversary, giving them the perfect ...

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Pop Addict: Iverson goes broke, Magic buys Dodgers

Hello guys and dolls! I’ve got my remote ready. Are you ready to surf some channels?  Click.  The Trayvon Martin tragedy is a big topic amongst everybody. Celebrities everywhere have become a part of the fight for justice including singer Chaka Khan who recorded a tribute to the slain teen.  Irish singer- songwriter Sinead O’Connor even wrote an open letter ...

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Stonewalled: Bringing some magic to LA

 $2 billion. That’s a whole lot of dough. On Tuesday night, Magic Johnson and major league baseball executive Stan Kasten, along with other investors, threw down this exact amount in a bid that resulted in the record breaking acquisition of the LA Dodgers baseball franchise from former owner Frank McCourt.    I think it is great that such a huge ...

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SpecTech: New iPad 3 crushes the competition

                  Well, it’s official. The new iPad is the most popular yet with Apple selling 3 million units in the first weekend;  iPad’s best launch yet.  Many people have criticized this device for having very few changes.  I sort of agree with these critics, but it’s not a bad thing.                 Although you won’t notice at first, the screen ...

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PopAddict: ‘The Situation’ in rehab

Hello guys and dolls, do you have your cups ready? Because I have some hot tea for you guys. Let’s flip through these channels! � Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has certainly gotten himself in a situation by checking himself into rehab. Let’s hope it works.  For all you Jersey Shore fans; don’t worry Snooki will return for Season 6. Who ...

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Social networking becomes less private for all citizens

Before social media came along, our employers didn’t come into our houses to read our letters.  They didn’t read our mail.  They didn’t come in and view all our photos from our vacation. Yet a startling trend among employers and colleges shows that they are doing exactly this, only instead of at our homes they are doing it on Facebook.    ...

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Stonewalled: Manning loves horses

 All the hype and unnecessary super-stalking by the media ended Monday when Peyton Manning announced that he would be suiting up in the blue and orange of the Denver Broncos starting next season. It only cost them $96 million for a five-year contract with $55 million guaranteed if he can stay healthy through his first year.   So what does ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!