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Señorita Spanglish

Guest blogger Abby Stanley blogs about her study abroad experiences in Spain.

Señorita Spanglish: Homecoming

By: Abby Stanley Tuesday we took our last group excursion here in Spain. We took a ferry boat to Puerto de Santa Maria, where we toured the castle that Christopher Columbus stayed in for a little while and a bodega filled with wine/sherry! We were able to sample several different sherries, some in which you just had to acquire a ...

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Señorita Spanglish: My Time in Paris

By: Abby Stanley Bonjour Friends! I spent my weekend in the beautiful city of Paris, France! We got three full days in Paris, and let’s just say that is not near enough time to experience everything you need to see in Paris. However, we did get to see a lot of the high points and some other interesting things happened, ...

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Señorita Spanglish: Bull Fighting and a New Class

By: Abby Stanley Hola, everyone! Just wanted to update you on our last excursion! We traveled to the mountains of Ronda Sunday. It took us a good 3.5 hours to get there by bus, but it was well worth the drive and the wait! Ronda was gorgeous. We got to see an actual bull fight arena and went on a ...

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Señorita Spanglish: Class, Cathedrals and the Post Office

By: Abby Stanley I passed my final exam for my first class here in Cádiz! I was so nervous about the oral and listening sections of the exam, but I ended up doing just fine! Both professors, Inma 1 and Inma 2, had very nice things to say, so I felt much better about my episode on Tuesday.  Professors here ...

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Señorita Spanglish: From Cordoba to Cádiz

By: Abby Stanley Hello again! Hoping all of you have had a wonderful start to this week! I have much to share with you guys! We had a five hour drive to Cordoba from Segovia, in which most of us slept the entire way.  When we arrived in Cordoba, we had what seemed like a 30-minute walk to our hotel, ...

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Señorita Spanglish: Study Abroad in Spain

By: Abby Stanley I officially believe in the saying, “dreams really do come true,” as cliché as that may be.  Ever since I was a junior in high school, I said I would study abroad.  I never thought it would actually happen, but I’m here. I am in Spain! The first two days we have spent in the capital of ...

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