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SPECRacing: 24 Hours of Le Mans’ 90th run

There’s few things in the world that compare to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the annual twice-around-the-clock endurance test in France, that is celebrating its 90th running this year. It has survived two World Wars, several strikes, idiotic rule changes, and the worst accident in the history of sports, and it still thrives to this day. This weekend, about ...

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SPECRacing: Why Sunday night’s races matter

Every year, nothing rivals the Sunday before Memorial Day in the world of sport like racing. All day, the top racing drivers in the world compete in some of the biggest races on the planet. The start of the day features the Grand Prix between the houses at Monaco, where F1 drivers try to battle a tricky track – and ...

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SPECRacing: Innovation for the IndyCar, Indianapolis 500

The other day, bigwigs from IndyCar – notably Hulman and Co (IndyCar parent company) CEO Mark Miles and President of Competition Derrick Walker – spoke about how they wanted to bring back innovation and huge speeds to IndyCar racing, and to the Indianapolis 500. What a great idea. After years of the series running the same cars – the ungainly-looking ...

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Random musings: RaceCam and in-race reporters

I’ve been struggling for a week or two trying to figure out a great topic to write about here at SPECRacing without sounding incessantly whiny. I’ve very frequently accused my fellow race fans of whining about the most trivial of topics, so I try not to do the same myself. You know, the whole “do as I say, not as ...

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Stock Car Road Racing

This weekend is one of the most exciting NASCAR races of the season, the annual stop to Watkins Glen, the 2.45 mile road course in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. However, the very idea of road courses on the NASCAR calendar put some off from watching that weekend. But why? Unfortunately, there is a sizable contingent of ...

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Video of the week: “And it’s a new track record!”

So, I missed the entire weekend of racing last weekend, with the exception of the last few laps of the Brazilian IndyCar race, which appeared to be rather entertaining. Consequently, I honestly have nothing to say regarding the weekend of racing. Oh, the things you miss when you’ve got stuff to do. Either way, there are two videos of the ...

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‘Tator Day Thoughts: Short Tracks

PREFACE: Every week, on Thursday, or “‘Tator Day,” I will try to give my thoughts on a particular idea or thing. This week is short track racing. However, one may wonder, What is ‘Tator Day? For those who attend VSU and regularly read The Spectator, ‘Tator Day is the day that the Spectator is released every week, Thursday. You will ...

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Insanity, Thy Name is Group B Rallying

Going to the topic of “there’s more to racing than NASCAR”, I present you with insanity personified, Group B rallying from the 1980s. The driver is Walter Rohrl, the car is an Audi Quattro, and I suggest you check out a number of things here. Come for Rohrl’s insane car control, stay for the ridiculous (lack of) crowd control. I ...

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Welcome to SPECRacing

And a good good afternoon to you, and welcome to SPECRacing, the VSU Spectator’s blog about the world of motorsport, written by the Spectator’s motorsport guru, Joe Adgie. Here, you’ll see information, and my opinions on everything that I find interesting in the world of motorsport. One day, you might see a topic about pack racing at Talladega, while on ...

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