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Bless that mess: Weird cleaning hacks that work

Cleaning is not an activity people look forward to doing because not only is it time consuming, it can be boring. Most people don’t want to spend an afternoon exerting their energy getting to scrub out grime and trying to get out impossible stains. Using these products can shake things up a bit and make your life easier. One of ...

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Pop Addict: Get the Tea with TJ!

Hello, pop addicts of VSU and welcome back to another edition of Pop Addict. It’s been a while since we’ve discussed the latest news in pop culture and I’ve missed you guys, so without further a due, let’s get right into it! The 77th Golden Globe Awards ceremony took place on Jan. 5, 2020. There was a variety of winners, ...

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Sonny Shroyer Jr.: Valdosta’s Timeless Actor

While there is a seemingly endless list of people that have contributed to the success of the City of Valdosta, there are only a handful of people that come from Valdosta, that have reached a level of fame that is at least noteworthy. One of these notable people is Valdosta native, Otis Burt “Sonny” Shroyer Jr. Sonny Shroyer was born ...

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Things to do for New Year’s

The countdown has begun until winter break is here and then New Years is just around the corner. This year being the end of one decade and the next being of a new one. What kind of events will be happening that can set 2020 off with a bang? Jacksonville Beach Polar Plunge at the Seawalk Pavilion. 75 1st St ...

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Refuel with Huel?

Huel is a brand that wishes to offer students in the United States an alternative way to get their daily nutrition through meal replacement. Based in the United Kingdom, Huel started in 2016 with the idea to help people get their nutrition in a way that is both easy and tasty. Leila Hughel-Deeds, Director of Sports Nutrition for VSU, spoke ...

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‘Relish’ in Valdosta’s newest burger place

“Big Tasty Burgers!” advertises Relish. I’ll be the judge of that. Since 2009, Relish has established a decent reputation in the North Florida area. For its third location, the company set its sights on Valdosta. The location already boasts a 4.8/5 rating on Facebook. With ratings like those, who could pass it up? The interior of the restaurant was sleek ...

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Ghosts Stories: Reality or Apparition?

The unexplained can be one of the most intimidating aspects of life. Whether it be hearing footsteps while home alone or random objects being moved from the initial place, sometimes weird experiences have no explanation. These experiences often leave a little chill down a person’s spine. Could it be ghosts, or are the footsteps simply a figment of the imagination? ...

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Last Minute, Cheap, DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s almost Halloween, and it’s time to dress up!But wait, you’re in college, which means that you are most likely broke. You want to dress up, but your bank account screams no. Well, here are a few cheap, fun and easy Halloween costumes you can create. 1) When Life Gives You Lemons You will need yellow clothing. This can be ...

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Soul to soul: The Brush Up and Big Nick’s team up for Homecoming event

Between the stress of midterms and the nonstop action of Homecoming week, many students wish they could just unwind and relax. The Brush Up aims to provide students and the city in general with that relaxation. The Brush Up is a Valdosta art studio owned by entrepreneur Bionca Ball. According to the website, their mission is “to bring a fun ...

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Frights & Delights at Wild Adventure’s Terror in the Wild

With Halloween right around the corner, Wild Adventures has opened up their annual Terror in the Wild attractions. With four new attractions designed to scare the pants off its victims, Terror in the Wild is always a fun time for those looking for a fright . To give you a little detail on how scary the rides are, here’s a ranking ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!