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Phasing out Facebook

Written by: Jordan Barela  Social media is constantly changing. Like the technology in our phones, laptops and tablets, the social media that is intertwined advances when the technology upgrades. Social media is so integral to everyday life that, now, everybody and their mother has a Facebook profile—literally. Even though Facebook has been at top of the social media ladder since its ...

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Student 3-D printing privileges pushed back

by Brian Hickey   Although there are no flying cars just yet, we may already be living in the Jetsons-esque future that we’ve long awaited. Once costing $20,000, the MakerBot Replicator 1 now sells online for less than $1,000. This past January, VSU purchased two of the devices for about $2,000 each and the filament used for the machines, which ...

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SpecTech: Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Microsoft to release upgrades

by Steven Setser   Welcome to another edition of Spec Tech, where you can read about all of the newest technologies coming out. Let’s get started! Do you have a small phone? Don’t worry. Samsung has got you covered with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This phone has not officially been announced yet, but Samsung representatives have said that it ...

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CORE Outdoors set to kayak and canoe down Chestatee River and Wakulla River

by Abbie Baggerly    The Center for Outdoor Recreational Experiences, better known as CORE, will be hosting two river trips on Sept. 7-8. One trip is canoeing on the Wakulla River in Wakulla County, Fla. The other trip is a two-day kayaking trip on the Chestatee River in north Georgia. CORE will take students, faculty and guests to canoe the ...

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Government keeps bees ‘buzzing’

This editorial was written by Stephen Cavallaro   Throughout South Georgia, honey production is a vibrant industry. In Lowdnes County and every year the Honey Bee Festival, promotes appreciation for local manufacturing of honey and honey bee related products. While consumers are increasingly mislead to purchase and consume “fake honey,” a pollen-less concoction of corn syrup and artificial sweeteners marked ...

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Allow minds to create

by David Lacy   Recently, Jared Bernstein wrote an article for the Huffington Post asking the question of whether or not the government was stifling the innovation of the people of America. This was inspired by an article that was written by Robert Shiller in the New York Times. The article is about Capitalism and the role it plays in ...

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Issue of the Week: California prohibits prison hunger strike

by Von Kennedy   As a baby, some of us fondly remember our parents swirling a spoon full of baby food in an airplane-like manner in order for us to actually eat it, but what if Mom and Dad had a court order to ignore your wishes and shove it down your throat even if you protested? A California judge ...

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Peace Corps opens ranks to VSU students

by Khiry Clements   On August 21, the Peace Corps held an interest meeting for students interested in joining. The informational, held in Powell Hall, gave students insight to what the Peace Corps is about and which steps they should take to begin their Peace Corps career. “This is also to help seniors get a chance to finally get signed ...

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Defunding Obamacare

by Taylor Stone   Do you enjoy your health care plan? If so, get ready to say goodbye to the freedom to choose your health coverage and say hello to Obamacare. Defunding Obamacare by withholding taxpayer dollars from fueling the program is essential in order to protect millions of Americans from losing their current employer-provided health insurance. Thousands of jobs ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!