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Finals Week: Top 5 Campus Study Locations


Written by: Erin Martin, Staff Writer  With finals approaching, students need somewhere to study and concentrate on final assignments and papers. When you need different scenery or some peace and quiet, VSU has plenty of different places to study outside of the usual places we go. The University Center The UC is located on Patterson Street, walking distance from the Fine ... Read More »

Emerging artists grand finale

Features Headers Pt. 2

Written by: Zenobia Harris, Asst. Features Writer VSU’s Fine Arts department ended the year with a musical bang at their Fifth Annual Emerging Artist Showcase, displaying the talents of VSU’s “up-and-coming” dance and theater students. The Emerging Artist Showcase kicked off its first performance with the Student Choreography Showcase on April 23, which featured a variety of choreographed dance numbers. There ... Read More »

Student symposium shows diverse research

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Writen by: Jyrell Wynn, Staff Writer Graduate students congregated to share their in-depth research last week with interested members of the VSU campus and community. The seventh annual Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Symposium was held in the University Center from 4 to 6 p.m. on April 17th to celebrate the work of graduate students on a diverse range of ... Read More »

Daily Strange: Spray on skin coming to you

Photo Credit: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin/THE SPECTATOR

Written by: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin, Staff Writer Spray on skin is reality. A prototype medical device has turned the science fiction notion of spray-on skin to a reality. This device literally sprays skin cells directly onto burn victims and enables the body to re-grow skin. The traditional methods like skin grafts were far more invasive and took weeks and sometimes months to ... Read More »

Going green for annual Earth Day celebration

Photo Credit: MCT Campus

Written by: LaMarcus Wilkerson, Staff Writer Not many students used innovative ways to strap gum from the bottom of their shoe this Earth Day. Companies are finding innovative ways to give Earth Day the publicity supporters of the holiday desire to maintain a sense of moral responsibility to the environment instead. These ads cast an ecofriendly web of green activism ... Read More »

Exclusive Interview with R&B singer SoMo

SoMo 2

Texas born R&B singer SoMo was first introduced on YouTube in 2012, but it wasn’t until late 2013 when his breakthrough song “Ride” debuted on the Billboard charts that led to his meteoric rise to fame. We sat down with SoMo after his concert at VSU.   Read More »

Indie horror film, ‘It Follows’ delivers

Photo Credit: Animal Kingdom

Written by: Alex Corbitt, Staff Writer Horror movies today are normally full of jump scares with obvious plot twists that are predicted halfway through the movie. “It Follows,” however, does something I haven’t seen in a horror movie in a long time: create atmosphere. The story is somewhat weird and original, where the main protagonist has her first sexual experience, ... Read More »

SOS boxer briefs save the day with condom pocket underwear

SOS Boxer Briefs

Written by: Zenobia Harris, Staff Writer A new brand of underwear, SOS Boxer Briefs, is taking protection to a new level with its condom pocket underwear. These underwear ensure that its customers are always comfortable while combatting dangerous sex practices. The SOS Boxer Brief line by Bernard Buie was designed to aid in the fight against STDs, unprotected sex and ... Read More »