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Program increases VSU’s stock of e-books

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by Kristin Whitman It’s no news that technology has become a huge part of everyday life, including VSU campus, but are the students really using these technologies and the ebooks provided? Ingram’s Coutts Information Services Inc. is offering new additions of a wide range of bestselling content from leading publishers, including bestselling frontlist and backlist titles from Penguin Random House. ... Read More »

Pop Addict 2-19-15

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by Kayla Stroud Hundreds of Unretouched Photos of Beyoncé Leak Everyone is up in arms over newly leaked unretouched photos of Beyoncé that have made their way online. People seem to have propped her up so high that they seem to have forgotten that she is not in fact a RealDoll. People were horrified to learn that Queen B had ... Read More »

Know Your Rights

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by Kristin Whitman “We can’t change the past but looking forward all we can do is try, and this meeting is a step in the right direction,” Scott Doner, director of University Police said, at the “Know Your Rights” event last Tuesday, Feb. 17. The event was held in the University Center Magnolia Room where a panel of experienced attorneys ... Read More »

Odum Library: Is the helpdesk as helpful as it seems; Secret Shopper goes undercover goes undercover for scoop


by Alex Corbitt “Secret shoppers” are people whose goal is to give their opinions on customer service and review how helpful employees are with their service. For me, I was to ask certain questions to Odum Library’s staff and review their effectiveness to my questions. I went up to one of the circulation desks and asked an employee some simple ... Read More »

Cactus Flower rings variety of authentic Mexican cuisine


by Tierra Francois The Cactus Flower Café, located at 3209 North Oak Street Extension, Valdosta, GA, is a delicious authentic Mexican restaurant. They serve a wide variety of Mexican dishes from nachos with queso dip to mini chimichangas. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very modern and actually quite relaxing. The food is made quickly with large enough portions to ... Read More »

Pop Addict 2/12/15

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by Kayla Stroud Grammy…zzzzzz The entire show was a snoozefest. The most exciting performance of the night came from Paul McCartney who casually strummed along to Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds,” like an animatronic robot. Was his mic even turned on? Was his guitar plugged in? It appeared as if he was only brought on stage to look pretty and collect a paycheck. ... Read More »

Pinocchio: A whale of a tale


By Jyrell Wynn VSU Theatre and Dance presented a comedic version of Pinocchio for younger audiences to enjoy on Feb. 6 and 7. “Pinnochio Commedia” is Johnny Simon’s commedia dell’arte adaptation of “The Adventures of Pinocchio.” Commedia dell’arte is an Italian term meaning “comedy of the profession” that was a popular form of theatre that was popular in Europe from ... Read More »

Pro/Con: American Sniper is a Hero?


PRO by Tatyana Phelps According to some Americans, if you are in the military, shooting the enemy makes you a bad person, not just a person doing your job. The lead character in the box-office record-breaking movie “American Sniper,” Chris Kyle, has received a bit of backlash after the release of the film, despite many people believing he is a ... Read More »

Pop Addict 2-4-15

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Real Winners of the Week: Depressing Superbowl Commercials Seahawks fans weren’t the only ones pulling a long face this past Sunday night. In a night of buzzkill commercials, one stood out among the pack. Nationwide Insurance Company spent a reported $6.75 million on a Superbowl spot that left quite the impression with audiences. The commercial featured a kid speaking about ... Read More »

Daily Strange: Virtual Traffic lights

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by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin There’s nothing quite as frustrating and infuriating as being held up in traffic, but researchers at Carnegie Mellon University may have found a solution. By exchanging all physical traffic lights with virtual lights that appear on your windshield, they suggest that this could reduce the commute time of urban workers by at least 40 percent. The use ... Read More »