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Flu ravages South Georgia

  Written by: John Preer A deadly influenza virus has South Georgia in its crosshairs and is poised to strike again. The flu season is upon us, and reports from the Center for Disease Control suggest that young adults may be at a higher risk than other age groups. In recent months there has been an influx in the number ...

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Smoke free campus

A proposal is being considered by the Board of Regents (BOR) that bans all tobacco use at VSU and the 30 other institutions overseen by the University System of Georgia (USG).   Written by: John Stephen The BOR first discussed the proposal, titled “Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy”, at a recent meeting and plan to make a final vote on ...

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VSU student gets life

  Written by: Eric Jackson Thirteen months after the lifeless body of 17-year-old Jasmine Benjamin was discovered in Georgia Hall, justice has finally been served. Nineteen-year-old Darien Meheux was found guilty Friday afternoon of murdering VSU student Benjamin in the fifth floor study room of Georgia Hall. Lowndes County Superior Court Judge James Tunsion sentenced Meheux to life in prison ...

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SGA debates student fee increase

Written by Joe Adgie   For the students of VSU, mandatory fees could increase for the first time in five years. The fee increase proposals were discussed at a packed SGA meeting in the University Center, a meeting that was attended by students, administrators, and faculty alike. The SGA is required to vote on these proposals before the administration of ...

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Fall break making a comeback

Written by Joe Adgie   The students of VSU want fall break back. The senators of the SGA determined that in the week leading up to Monday night’s meeting, and received over 3,000 responses from students. “The majority for fall semester came out to a two-day fall break, a full week of thanksgiving, and a full week of finals,” said ...

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Graduates share gradaution

Written by Brian Hickey   This Fall VSU administration made the decision to combine graduate and undergraduate commencement ceremonies. This means that students earning Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates and Education Specialist’s will now walk across the same stage at the same time. Summer ceremonies are also discontinued. Another change is that only Doctoral degree candidates will be hooded during commencement and ...

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Debate team argues gun laws

  by Jordan Barela/Photos by Ritsuki Miyazaki   A debate over the Concealed Weapons Law and how it affects VSU was held Wednesday night in Jeanette Hall. The policy prohibits any kind of concealed weapon to be carried on a college campus. The debate was setup by Student Affairs. Members of the VSU Debate team were present to deliver arguments ...

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Students survive without Fall Break

by Hillary Straba   For the first time in eight years, VSU students have to power through the fall semester without Fall Break. Last year, the Academic Scheduling and Procedures Committee approved an academic calendar change that omitted Fall Break and instead gave students a full week off for Thanksgiving (previously, classes were still in session on the Monday and ...

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by Shane Thomas   The VSU ROTC began holding a vigil in the outdoor classroom near West Hall on Wednesday to commemorate prisoners of war. The event was sponsored by Arnold Air Society, an honorary subgroup of the Blazer Corps of Cadets, to raise awareness for POWs and those missing in action. In the exhibit, an armed cadet stood guard ...

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Fall enrollment down, organizations feel impact

by Hillary Straba   A report released by VSU says that this year’s fall enrollment is set at 11,820 students. This represents a 4.9 percent decrease from last year. The decrease is seen in both undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as in majors across the board. However, this decline in student enrollment has not negatively impacted the organizational leadership ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!