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BSL joins Tator’s ‘11.6 be part of the fix’ first

he Spectator knows this: BSL rocks!  Black Student League (BSL) for being the first in participating in our pledge to help VSU.  We addressed the student organizations last Tuesday in the student organization meeting, encouraging them to give back to our community.  Recently, the downturn in our economy has led to serious VSU  budget cuts. As a result, VSU has scheduled ...

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People Poll: Which do you prefer: Hopper or Palms?

Cameron Woods Senior Computer Technology major “I’m a commuter student so I don’t really eat there and it’s irrelevant to my campus life.  If I’m going to pay cash, I rather get what I like, so I cook.” Alex Perry Junior Business Management major “I think there should just be one because they both have almost the same thing except ...

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Congress: America’s biggest day care center

By Kenny Bush  The last few weeks have been an unsightly mark in the history of American politics. What’s even worse is that most Americans don’t even realize how bad it has gotten in D.C. To the majority, interrupting a country singer’s VMA speech is more of a travesty than interrupting the Presidentt of the United States before congress.  That’s ...

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Obama’s address to kids brings controversy

Molly Deaton Staff Writer mmdeaton@valdosta.edu Last week on Tuesday September 8th, President Barack Obama gave a speech at 12 noon that was addressed to America’s schoolchildren (or was supposed to be, anyway). It came as a shock to find out that parents were contacting their children’s principals’ saying they did not want their children to participate in the viewing of ...

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Student Health Center needs help helping us

The VSU Student Health Center has been as much a part of the problem as part of the solution. Students have complained about how they have been trying to schedule appointments throughout this semester only to be wait-listed. And their complaints are justified. After all, students paid $127 to receive a basic level of medical care on campus this semester. ...

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Rant and Rave of the Week: September 17, 2009

Rant A Cry for a Blazer’s Stadium I don’t like the fact that our Valdosta State Blazers, twice National Champions over the last 5 years, and reoccurring top 10 team in the Nation, don’t have their own stadium. How excited am I expected to get when I see Cedric Jones returning an interception for a touchdown when he’s running into ...

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Warning to the wise: This article will kill you

By Kenny Bush According to the gossip and hand sanitizers I have noticed on campus, students seem to be pretty concerned about the H1N1 virus and its appearance on campus. It’s amazing that this one virus has done more for cleanliness and hygiene than STDs and pregnancy have done for protected sex. Then again, swine flu isn’t picky with who ...

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People Poll: What did you think when Kanye West took the mic?

William Knight Freshman Middle Grade Education major “I wouldn’t expect anything less from Kanye” Lauren Smith Sophomore Nursing major “I agree with Obama, Kanye’s a jackass!” Leonte Mims Senior Mass Communications major “He messed up that young girl’s moment. He was so out of place. Got to act your age Kanye, MTV let it air, they wanted ratings, they wanted ...

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People Poll: What’s the story behind your tattoo?

Professor Rick Carpenter English Professor “There isn’t any meaning behind it- I have it completely for aesthetics.” Rebecca Lynn Ross Senior English major “I wanted something that represented balance and duality.” Kalli Thorton Freshman Nursing major “It’s for the memory of a friend that passed away in a car accident.” Danielle Rae Henak Freshman Psychology major “For religious purposes- it ...

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Rant and Rave of the Week: September 10, 2009

Student Housing Rave Student Housing definitely works hard to make sure all our maintenance or any other personal problems inside our rooms are fixed promptly. If you put in a work order, either over the phone or on the Internet, you can be sure that they will be there to help you later that day, or if not definitely the ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!