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Summer 2014

Obama’s Five for One Trade

Written By: Jordan Hill  As proud Americans, we understand the importance of bringing our troops home safely, but is a five for one trade the right way to go? President Obama released 5 men that were previously engaged in the Taliban from Guantanamo Bay in able to release one American soldier held as a prisoner by the Taliban. This American ...

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Valdosta, GA: “Pit Stop City?”

Written By: Summer Yates With over 40 hotels and nearly 200 restaurants, Valdosta, Ga., is often considered the “pit stop city.” It attracts consumers from over 15 counties throughout South Georgia and North Florida. Located in Lowndes County, Valdosta’s main source of income derives largely from the travelers stopping by for the city’s variety of hotels and restaurants. According to ...

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Tobacco Products Banned On All Campuses

Powerpoint Presentation By: LaMarcus Wilkerson Check out LaMarcus Wilkerson’s Powerpoint Presentation on the tobacco products ban on all campuses here! No More Smoke Breaks from Tnmills

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Exercise physiology grows in popularity at VSU and across Georgia

Written By: Sarah Turner The number of students enrolled as exercise physiology majors at Valdosta State University has nearly tripled since 2007 making it the university’s sixth most common major. The growth in popularity of exercise physiology is similar at other universities throughout the state. Among the schools in the state that offer a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, including ...

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